Ways To Succeed In The First Job

You've heard the real estate cliche: the three factors that determine the value of a property are location, location, location. Well, here's an instant cliche about creating value in the job: to succeed, you need to work, work, work. But there is more to the success of 80-hour workweeks. You have to do the right things in the right amount to get ahead, according to Ramon Greenwood employment expert. a l is a former Senior Vice President of American Express and author of "How to land your first job and make a success of it." l a CommonSenseAtWork.com operates. Ideas Greenwood, while particularly important for new graduates entering the workforce, will help anyone of any age who have to earn a salary. a Those are three of their most valuable tips for success at work.

1) Work hard on the right things. "First, understand what you're doing and why you are doing, so you can imagine how to do better, "says Greenwood. In other words, make sure you know why you're on the payroll. What exactly are you getting paid to do? Agan money? Save money? Both? Ask his boss to explain that the job duties will determine your success. Then focus on doing things right some critics. Once you know what to do, a great way to get over to do is arrive early and stay late. "Go to work 30 minutes before start time. You can get the road routine tasks and organize work the day before the interruption of initiation.

Author: Jackie