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It estresse it is a situation lived daily and in level raised for great part of the workers, especially the ones that work with people (BORGES, et al., 2002). The syndrome of the professional hard work or syndrome of Burnout is a type of estresse of the work that can be observed in all the professions, mainly in that they involve high levels of estresse, as controlling of air traffic, firemen and, particularly, professionals of the area of the health (TUCUNDUVA, et al., 2006). This happens why professional that acts in direct contact with other people, when this is classified as aid (professional of the health, professors) (MARTINEZ, 1997) normally they have little free time for leisure and vacation and great intensity of emotional interactions. Studies made in the United States and of America indicate that the syndrome of Burnout is one of the great current psicossociais problems, being of interest of many areas of the current society. Its incidence possesss individual consequncias as in such a way organizacionais, since the individual that suffers, also have the health and the performance affected . This study it has the objective to revise the knowledge produced regarding this modern pathology in professionals who act in the area of the health.

The professional who works in the improvement of the quality of life of the population needs that its body and has lain always in optimum is been possible so that she can attend the ones that need cares. Methodology For the accomplishment of this study a bibliographical revision on the syndrome of burnout through the electronic databases BIREME was made, LILACS, MEDLINE and SCIELO. The terms used for the research had been: syndrome of burnout, professional hard work, estresse and health of the worker. They had been enclosed in the research articles that dated of 1997 the 2007.

Author: Jackie