Understanding How to Diet

You are truly hungry? Maybe you feel fullness in your stomach? Then how it is filled? Perhaps you feel there is heaviness or lightness, pulsation, heat, stress or something else The state of the stomach and feel it depends on what and how much you ate the day before, as far as you are tense or relaxed, as moving and other factors. Now think about that gladly accept your stomach at the moment. Take a mind to start one dish or product and provide details as you eat, portion or slice. What's his view, smell, taste in the mouth, hardness, temperature and texture. Imagine and try to feel as well chewed (mentally), food passes into the stomach. You may feel like food is to be yourself in the stomach and, as all of your the body will react to it in the next hours. Can react skin, pulse, your head And compare this feeling with what was in your stomach before you make this a mental check. Which of the senses more nice? This is the answer, whether we should now eat food.

Please note that this decision is based on the fact that there will be more enjoyable for you for a long time! Is not necessarily something that will bring discomfort. Using this approach, you can mentally check out different dishes and products, and discover that different foods your body reacts differently. Which choice is better? This is the main method when you mentally check out the ordinary and usual situation products. And now extend this approach to other situations. For example, when you're away, in a cafe in the working environment. Come in mind all the points in each of the possible situations.

Then your mental skill "Test" and choose the most suitable products becomes automatic. Now take those situations in which you were especially prone to overeating, one after another. Again, repeat these steps for each of these situations, and make sure that this strategy is well mastered. The last thing is important to remember. Even if something did not work right away – to continue to improve skills. Be attentive to your body, and it will make you happy!

Author: Jackie