Transportation Of Children

If you travel with children, you must know some rules for transporting children, because children enjoy certain privileges. Terms of children travel by train vary depending on the age of young passengers. Also to transport children must have certain documents, and how is booking railway tickets. When you move to Russia by rail one child under the age of 5 years in accompanied by a parent has the right to travel free of charge (you need to design children's ticket). This is true for long-distance trains such as Moscow Novosibirsk.

One child aged 5 to 10 years is entitled to travel is already on the ticket – but it's still child train ticket to marschrutu Railway Moscow Novosibirsk, which is reduced: in conventional wagons ticket price is 35% of adult fare, in cars with the included – 50%. Children under 10 years are not allowed to travel unaccompanied. Entitled to free travel has one child aged under 5 years old, not occupying a separate seat. When transporting two children under the age of the age of five will have to buy a child ticket to the place. Documents needed to buy train tickets for children: If you child goes up to 14 years who is a citizen of the Russian Federation, is necessary to have a birth certificate (original only), if you have a passport you can just bring it. If a child is a citizen of any other country – it birth certificate for buying tickets is regarded as a foreign passport.

If you are going to travel with her child abroad, you must write it in your passport for children from 7 years need for a photograph. If she had her own passport, then insert it into the parent's passport is not needed. The child can cross the Russian border with a parent. Special second resolution is not needed (except when the second parent submits an application to the border services of disagreement on the exit of the child or children). If the children are sent, escorted by parents, and other people need to bring a notarized power of attorney for the export of children. If a minor citizen of the Russian Federation intends to leave the territory of the Russian Federation without parents, adoptive parents or guardian, he must necessarily have a passport and notarized consent of parents, adoptive parents or guardians. The document required is prescribed: the period of his absence on Russian territory, state or States, which (who) is going to visit the Russian citizen. If abroad, for example on the route Moscow Theodosius, sent a child, consisting in the care of the state, parental responsibilities for the execution of documents exit borne by the administration of educational institutions and other social institutions. For registration go abroad students of such institutions issued a notarized consent to the administration accompanying children or child employee. Consent may be written for each child individually, or just a group of children. If the exit is made within the cis, while in accordance with the agreements, children under the age of 14 are entitled to leave with only a birth certificate, children over the age of 14 need a Russian passport. Countries belonging to the Commonwealth of Independent States: Ukraine, , Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Moldova.

Author: Jackie