Traffic Accidents

While the motorcycle has become the ideal vehicle to commit professional acts, the reality is that the rider is in itself, its body. Usually, a young reckless driver and no driver education or respect for rules and laws, constitutes conclusion, in a high risk factor for society. Following a study of analysis and interpretation of statistics on traffic accidents in 2007 in our country, we did at the beginning of 2008, and holders Current Situation of Road Safety in the Dominican Republic, we reaffirm the commitment inescapable create public awareness in some cases, to reduce the accident rate on our streets, and encourage in other cases, the institutions of power for the implementation of best practices in state policy, which for 2007 amounted to 1492 fatalities and 1478 injured, increasing deaths compared with 108 the previous year. Senator From Kentucky pursues this goal as well. Obviously, not counting the post-hospital deaths. Almost all initiatives trying to encourage our position of Assistant Secretary for Transit, were within the theoretical framework because the country was actively engaged in a political campaign for the presidency of the republic. However, analysis of statistics clearly defined new hotspots on the road network in our territory. From the results, particular attention deserves the field of vulnerable road users: the biker and his motorcycle, which to me is an issue inherent to the accident in public. The motorcycle driver along with the pedestrians are the road users more sensitive and prone to damage, ie injury or death in large proportions because of traffic accidents. Sixty-three deaths in engines was the monthly average in the Dominican Republic in 2007, making a total of 748 deaths, not counting the dead after the wounded were hospitalized.

Author: Jackie