Tips On Food For Dogs

After publishing a few days ago an article about food for dogs I received some emails from readers asking me more information about this article I decided to respond to the following questions: do as is if my dog in your ideal weight? A way to practice feeding my puppy? Do I need to give my dog food supplements? and finally that diet is best to keep my dog’s teeth clean? So now in this article start to answer these questions do as is if my dog in your ideal weight? To know if your dog is in the ideal weight serious need which you recurrieras to the racial standard corresponding to your dog that depending on the age and race is like you could determine if your dog is in your weight or not, but as this type of query might be very complicated for some people will give you a Council practical so that you can evaluate if food for dogs that you are giving your pet keeps you in a good body weight. The Council is as follows; If your dog’s hair short ribs should not be seen with the naked eye but advance to caress your fingers over the ribs you should be able to feel easily ribs. On long haired dogs you should be able to easily felt ribs. Now if it is the case that when you go your fingers through the ribs of your dog you feel a thick layer of fat which prevents you palpate the bones of the rib, then your dog is over weight. I recommend to prevent obesity in your dog give him food to dogs according to their age and physical activity, in addition to avoid giving snacks and food out of their schedules. If it is an adult dog don’t let you the food at your disposal throughout the day since that may be the cause of obesity and also for your dog to make popo throughout the day.

Author: Jackie