The Wilderness

John fills the mouth talking about to come. Neither complaint or require that the night is easy. It's there, crying and live there, due in the assigned sector. God out of anonymity, not him. Pathways of its history are told in the Bible, others are outside the record. What resulted was the sum of all the evenings spent alone, without company or dialogue or changes? How many sunrises crucial joined their loneliness? Who hugged her when she needed shoulder wet with tears of affection? What did she felt was not more? How to resist the aggression of the monotony? What continued to believe and be faithful when it seemed that nothing was wrong, that was all the same? The voice of one crying in the wilderness.

One changed the times, became the world that, John spent, and we happen to live in this overpopulated society. There are districts packed with people, a saturation of human beings who speak all at once and discuss, smoke, pressure, seduce, flee, eat, drink, reject, copulate, poguean, kill, run, speed, survive, forget, eat, claim, deny and do not address the issue of the company. The church walks in a world. And while not guaranteeing a good seal or the removal of loneliness, because temples are sometimes a pile of their own, the church is being convened to cry in the wilderness. And if being together hinder obedience to the mission, what would become of us if our space would have been the same context of John, that sharp vacuum, because the desert has more than one empty. It is an uninhabited place, but crowded caresses concerns, tensions, fears, surprises, dangers, fears, doubts, questions, skepticism, confrontation, boredom and loneliness.

Author: Jackie