The Transplant

Anorexy and loss of weight are usual. The fever can be the initial symptom. The discrete esplenomegalia or the hepatomegalia is gifts in 30% of the cases. The linfonodomegalias are rare, except in the monoctica variant. The leucemic cells can infiltrate all the agencies, generally without consequent disfuno. Great accumulations of mieloblastos (sarcomas granulcitos) can be developed eventually in any fabric. Monoblastos frequent infiltrates weaveeed, with local signals and symptoms, as leukemia skin.

I almost always diagnosis Laboratoriais (LMA) Anemia and trombocitopenia gifts. Counting of leukocytes < 5.000/uL in the half of the patients and neutrfilos hipercalcemia and the hipofosfatemia can be gifts. Treatment (LMA) Between 50% and 80% of the people who suffer from acute leukemia mielide answers to the treatment. Between 20% and 40% of the people they do not reveal any signal of the illness after 5 years of treatment. The transplant of ssea marrow increases the probability of success for 40% 50%. The people with more than 50 years that contract acute leukemia mielide after receiving chemotherapy and radiation as treatment from other illnesses are the ones that present the worse prognostic.

The treatment is guided to obtain precocious remission (destruction of all the leucmicas cells). However, the acute leukemia mielide answers to little medicines of what other types of leukemia and, moreover, the treatment costuma to get worse the state of the sick person before starting to provide some improvement to it. The sick people get worse because the treatment suppresses the activity of ssea marrow e, therefore, scrumble the white globule number (particularly granulcitos), what she increases infection probabilities. The staff of the hospital redoubles the cares with the sick person in order to prevent infections and in the case of these if to reveal manage antibiotic immediately. Also it can be necessary to effect transfusions of red globules and plaquetas. The first step of the chemotherapy generally includes citarabina during 7 days and daunorubicina during 3 days.

Author: Jackie