The Recommendations

Before undergoing the surgery should be carried out a study physician to check your general health status, this is very necessary to know if you are approved to perform aesthetic surgery. The day before the intervention it is important to carry a light diet. You don’t have to stop eating, but that you should avoid heavy foods that may fall you badly. Also you should also avoid drinking any type of beverage that contains alcohol. Although we know that personal hygiene is a daily habit, this day is important to do it more carefully. It will be necessary to prevent infections. In many cosmetic surgeries is necessary to keep fasting some hours before the intervention. Surely your doctor surgeon will inform you on the subject, but so does wondering it you to worry about the topic.

As you can see, the recommendations are simple and it is very easy to follow them. Remember that the day of the intervention, when you go to the clinic, should not carry any metallic object, either watches or rings or other similar objects. Moreover, in many cases dental movable parts must be removed. Women patients face makeup and nail polish one must be removed. If they use hair extensions applied with microrings, you should ask your surgeon if it is necessary to remove them. Note that, in some cases, it is necessary to stay some days in the clinic for observation. So you must remember to carry clothes and accessories that may be required during those days. Do not leave these instructions never, whatever the aesthetic operations that go into submission, whether ultrasonic liposuction or an open Rhinoplasty.

Author: Jackie