The Patient

We hear stories and relief that had taught in them to grow professionally as people and as human being, dealing with the most diverse possible situations. We receive the familiar ones of worthy form, guiding on the medical bulletin they have therapeutical support before receiving the bulletin with the psychologist in a room before speaking with the doctor, family for family of each customer, perceive that this has helped very of them, the team always if she made use to the familiar ones to clarify possible doubts regarding equipment, cares, behaviors and we have received return on the part from them that they are felt received more and safe with our attention. Humanizao project in the UTIO project humanizao in the UTI has in them proportionate sad moments, but the happy moments are bigger and better, what he has made in them to receive recognition from the hospital institution, I eat nurse I received compliments from my supervisor and of the direction of the hospital, the excellent project continues has given resultados

He is of the basic aspects front to the necessity of internment in UTI is the meaning of this situation for the patient, its familiar ones and the proper cuidadora team, since, most of the time, it in such a way represents a moment of great anxiety for the proper patient as for its familiar ones. The family can contribute very for the recovery of the customer mainly, an orientation of the familiar one in relation to the routines of the sector, when it is informed on what he is occurring with the familiar one hospitalized and when has shelter and respect on the part of the health professionals. Many of these families are living of Cubato, devoid residents in peripheral areas, people whom they need to be supported in more affectionate way. In relation to the environment that the UTI many times is and if it becomes errifying.

Author: Jackie