The Muscle

Most people believe that enough be able to quickly, as much to reduce the muscle and relaxation occurs by itself, passively. However, it is not. Sometimes a person think that he fully relaxed, but if you use a special device to measure muscle tone (miotonometr), it clearly commits to the "relaxed" muscle fibers, impaired relaxation. Established that stress and muscle relaxation should be the same, as would balance each other. Adequate muscle relaxation, in combination with massage techniques will help you quickly and efficiently recover your tired muscles and overall health. Sometimes, on the contrary, it is advisable to combine massage with exercises on resistance. This seemingly contradicts what we just talked – about relaxation during the massage. However, resistance and relaxation of muscles need to skillfully combine. Exercises on resistance are used to strengthen individual muscle groups or the entire musculoskeletal system as a whole. During a massage in which case you should try to stretch their muscles, that is to provide in the intervals between doses Massage resistance masseur, regularly straining the muscles of the arms, legs or torso, depending on the massaged area. But do not forget, after all their muscle tension to relax and especially high-grade relax after the massage – you can soak a few minutes and take deep breaths. It is known that breathing exercises with long exhalations or just breathing, with an emphasis on the exhale lower the tone of the skeletal musculature. Gunnar Peterson is often quoted as being for or against this. Talking about the combination of massage with exercise, would be incomplete if we do not say about the stretching exercises.

Author: Jackie