The Mind

Month is contrary the action. it can be meditar carrying through all the habitual tasks, depertando for a life referta of joy with bigger clarity and more creativity. Who medita is in the top of the mountain, excluding all the problems and impeclios to long for to a full life and each more intense time. The meditation does not consist of a science or art, is a simple skill to observe, an interior search with the intention to long for the ecstasy. The third point that encloses the essence of the meditation, is that one where the citizen that medita must observe the cause of some problem that is pertubante and in interior silence to find the solution for the existenciais enigmas, that is the biggest problem of the humanity in the current days.

To reach the ecstasy, that holds a rise state spiritual, a close ravishment, where literalmete happens an unfastening of the mind with the body, causing a peace and so deep tranquilidade that it does not have rational explanations for this enlevo mstico. The ecstasy demands an arduous, exhausting, but compesador way. At last, to meditar is not an easy task, even so not if it makes or it thinks about nothing, esulta nm incmoo, therefore the mind has pleasure in creating conflicts, is of the mental nature to analyze and to think any thing all the time. To obtain to dominate the operations emntais and to concentrate in an only point, for example, the breath, is a significant advance for the conquest of the being, that one that obtains this exploit if it opens for a new perspective. I am a new to look at for interior, am to be open for the dissolution of the ego, finding true interior silence, meditation is essenciamente empty silence and. Meditar is one dom that all would have to be dedicated, makes possible the entrance for a world in one another plan, that is mere Metaphysical spiritual and.

Author: Jackie