The Hypocritical

The primary responsibility of a leader is for taking care of exactly of the necessities of the people who it leads, if this demands to sacrifice its proper desires. The religious leaders of Jud had failed roundly in not satisfying the necessities of the people Mr., but God promised a Shepherd (Jesus). Moreover, God promised to avenge its people (to see chapter 35), to renew its richness, to pardon and to clean its iniquities contaminations (to see Chapter 36 of Ezequiel), and to revitalize them (to see chapter 37). Yahweh would be again, its God, and them they would be its people (To see 37:27 – 28). We do not have to be judges of nobody, also we do not have to be fools and easily deceived. She has ways of if to reduce the risks when we are dealing with bodes, therefore they easily are identified by the moral results of its existence.

Bodes does not possess obedience. (Zc 10:3) Bodes does not possess glad and spontaneous submission. (Dn 8:8) Bodes does not possess allegiance and devotion. (TM 25:33) Bodes does not possess love for the sheep. (Ez 34:21) Bodes does not possess collective sense. (Dn 8:5) Bodes does not possess understanding of the limitations and weakness of the sheep.

(Ez 34:21) Bodes does not possess moral integrity. (Dn 8:21) Bodes does not possess health spiritual. (Dn 8:8 b) bode that the prophet Daniel approached in its vises was Alexander, the Great one. Man of hedonista philosophy and extremely arrogant pride and, Alexander tumbled in the apex of its empire. How much to bodes of Ezequiel, them they symbolize the kings, priests and mpios ancies of Israel, good with all those that followed its you practise libertines. While the church will be here in the land, it she will be always mixing, I contend sheep, namely, the saints, and bodes, the hypocritical ones.

Author: Jackie