The Christian

She is through the friendship, of the love, the joviality, the affection and the work that born in the kingdom the joy. She is leaving the sad, vacant and bad thoughts and cultivating healthy and pure thoughts. The Christian feeling comes to contribute very for the true joy. The joy is to be useful to all and not to disdain nobody, is to consider all as brothers, as children of the same trunk and that they are under the same guardianship and have the same rights. We go to be glad my people. We go to cultivate good thoughts, we go to live our life, forgetting pains, the torments, the injuries and living the day the day with more force and vigor. Our more pleasant more beautiful days will be e. Many people live sad and abated who until we think that they are sick, by the way the sadness is a chronic and very difficult illness of being cured.

With love and patience if it only obtains to take off such elements of the solitude where they live. We go to hear music, we go to take a walk, to run, to walk, to take sun in the beach, to take a walk in the fields, a good one would fish, we go to dance, to jump and to sambar and to leave the time to run. This everything brings joy and pleasure to the group everything. with the joy will come the happiness with the happiness the pleasure of living. Many prefer the sadness and the abandonment, instead of the joy and the life. The happiness alone can be next to joy. We go to forget passed and to live the gift, therefore what it passed not more it will come back. Let us pass a veil in the past and of a time for all we go to forget our depressions.

The happiness if constructs cultivating good actions, good thoughts, smiles, joy and love. The life will be prettier and more candy. We go to live that the time is short and later well later the time passes and we are old and the time will finish and suddenly everything was and we also.

Author: Jackie