The Child

Subjects, suggesting, albeit useful, but stereotyped, repetitive actions can become material for exercises, workouts, but not for games. Game – A sphere of images, conventions, hidden features. This, above all, the test of his abilities and the determination of the properties of the object to play with. Therefore, it must contain an element of novelty to maintain curiosity and intrinsic activity .3. Promotion samostoyatelnosti.Igrovye of the child must be self-reliant. The toy can be considered as a special subject, allowing the child to feel confident in their abilities.

She should be the backbone for the independent actions of children, should help to enhance their own competence and autonomy. Possibility or impossibility of an independent action depends on some minor and unnoticeable Adult items. For example, a typical and very interesting for young children a box with a surprise: it is necessary to press the button, like from a box pops up bunny or a kitten. Appbox Media wanted to know more. But the thing is, where is this button. If it at the top (and to push down) – all right, baby will be happy to play independently and enjoy a sudden jumping bunny.

But if this is a button placed in front, and its pressing need to keep a box with his other hand (otherwise it moves back) individual game for the child becomes impossible – need help an adult who holds the box and he causes . should promote self-raising and resolving more complex problems. The presence of not only the "mystery", but also tips, arouse the interest and willingness to act.

Author: Jackie