The Cars

– Catches there pointed with respect to the trunk of the car catches the table to mount. It brings two plates. It obeyed. I smell it of potatoes recendia. As the cars remained immovable, Jurandismariano wise person who its program would not be interrupted.

After the table already ece of fish, it asked: – Takes beer? – Not when I am in transit. you? – I do not drink. – Eats pointed generously with respect to the tidbit, while it delivered a small saleira to it. It had some instants of saborear. Nobody spoke swims. The people passed for them and any one would bet that harmony was resulted of years of friendship. – How delight! was the phrase that it escapulira.

– That good that it liked. – Pardon, but I find that I forgot myself something important: which is its name? – Teresa. its? – Jurandismariano. – How? – Jurandismariano it was accustomed to repeat its name, therefore my father always causes estranhamento in who heard for the first time to it if he called Jurandir and my mother, Mariana. It gave in this smiled. Teresa also smiled, but he continued eating potatoes. Suddenly it stopped the look and commented: – She never knew the reason of my name, but taste of it. She wants more potatoes? – Yes looked at for the avenue this delay? – I do not know spoke with tranquilidade. – The citizen to the side is very nervous made a gesture with the head indicating the direction that was behind it. – It must be heat, hunger, it estresse – You always keep this calm? – Not.

Author: Jackie