The Blockages

Neurological examinations revealed no further evidence, the blood values were right up to a minimally elevated cholesterol value. The patient complained about back pain in the lumbar spine area. More history points were a sense of anxiety in the upper back, sometimes occurring bloated feeling, sporadic headache in the right pane of the head and common sleep disorders. IRIS diagnosis was a constitutional weakness of the liver, an acidification, a Bindegewebsschwache, Verschlackungen of the intestine and a sympathetic emphasis with neurogenic basic Constitution which brings a tendency to mental overwork with. Further, the osteopathic examination showed a blockage of lumbar vertebra (L3, L4), project joints and the upper thoracic spine (TH7 TH8). (= Scanning) the palpation of organs was a feeling of pressure It was what pain to feel, in the liver area.

The intestine, however, was somewhat atonisch (limp). Laboratory diagnosis of findings was underpinned by a comprehensive blood test (liver stress, gut loading, etc.). Medical blood tests provide information about the quantity, the comprehensive blood test shows the qualitative location. In my opinion both values are important. The first recipe: because the nutrition she was more in the acidic range, I advised her base excess food to compensate for the IRIS diagnosis identified acidification. Individual formulation consisting of 5. Herbs that cause a liver detoxification. Lycopodium D12 as a constitutional remedy.

Mutaflor-a probiotic that restore the intestinal flora, because the excess intestinal toxins caused by strain the liver. Thohelur-has a balanced mineral specimen, strengthening connective tissue. Treatment 1-4: in the first sessions the blockages in the ISG joint and lumbar spine were resolved, because this section is the base of the spine, be placed in the steady-state must solve more blockages. Furthermore a postural correction was carried out to compensate for the hollow back. In the first two sessions, the patient reported that the bloating took to something, which was first healing reaction to, da entgifteten liver and intestines currently in full swing.

Author: Jackie