The Blade

For the latter several types of gels and creams there are lubricants for shaving: foam: it is more dense, effectively softens the hair, but does not leave much visibility. Unsuitable for beginners because it requires much intuition. In SOAP: the way to lubricate more traditional, that ends up turning into foam. A brush is needed to extend it, with full beard which masajearemos for that penetrate the foam. Gel: is less dense at first but finished transforming into foam to rub it with skin. Cream: a relatively recent texture, which does it offer high visibility to passing the blade but it has an advantage in its favor, and it is highly moisturizing. In fact, some allow not aftershave use after the moisturizers that are. In oil: this format is most novel and many men say it is the right thing.

Not only softens the hair effectively, but it allows total visibility over the blade, by which we avoid unwanted cuts. For the post shave, it is convenient to use a good aftershave, always without alcohol so it does not irritate your face. For which have raised hairs problems (also my case) it is advisable to use an Exfoliating cream 24 h before and 24 h after shaving, but if you afeitais you on a daily basis, try putting you it once a week to not punish in excess of skin. I personally prefer the shaving blade and in the same direction as the hair, I have short beards and sparsely populated, but if I shave me to counterpile breed me hairs, it bites me face and get me pimples but when I want to leave knob first happened to me one machine for trimming hair and then I make the cuts with the blade. Encourage you to comment on your experiences and suggestions, sure many appreciate it. Original author and source of the article

Author: Jackie