The Audience

Bondarenko, V. Pavlyshyn, S. Voylochnikov, even then, owning high-tech electronic musical instruments, and then simply transferred to Moscow in two the first available recording studio. I have no reason to doubt the veracity of the remarks by the Voronezh, however, that for the two first got recording studios, it is still more like a beautiful invented a story. Every soldier, even if only a talented performer, striving for success and knows that as quickly and easily such issues in our entertainment business itself is unlikely to be solved, not to mention those still Soviet, times.

Expendables "COLUMN" The second album, recorded in Moscow in 1990. And then the song out of it, "Column", again in some strange way, quite easily fall in Ostankino, sounds in the programs central station and get the people the status of one of the best songs on the Afghan issue. Sam W. Voronezh argues that a good song in Moscow, in contrast to the province, easily finds its way to the audience: "There is simply meet the understanding, to obtain accurate assessment, rather than, say, in Voronezh. Here, music journalists less decisive and more irrational, stagnant system of acquaintances and professional contacts.

But with "Pillar" never had any problems. " As for the song "Column", then it can truly be called great song. I also had to see people listening to it, literally freeze in the face of change and happens to cry, as experienced men during a party, listening to her, rise from their seats, thinking that for such a song should only drink standing up, as young boys and girls, knit a large crowd, moving decisively to an unknown destination, has cut the entire volume your old cassette recorder, all along, desperately, for all his night raytsentrovsky town chanting along with the courageous hero of A GERMAN his famous tragic apotheosis appeal to the deceased friend: "Sanya !!!".

Author: Jackie