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Atopic Dermatitis Atopic - July 30, 2017 by Jackie

To develop this complication may include: inadequate disinfection of the skin, excess of injury, greater depth of injection, poor sterilization units injector in contact with the patient's skin, a large amount of input into one point of the drug, the wrong treatment and skin care after procedures, including in the home. The result is a scarring of necrosis, the presence of addiction may cause keloid scars. Treatment of skin necrosis – Local – disinfectant and wound-healing drugs (solkoserilovy gel, aloe extract, collagen-independent, dimeksid, etc.) during the propagation process of broad-spectrum antibiotics. Atopic Dermatitis Atopic dermatitis occurs in the form delayed-type hypersensitivity. It is not something Cindy Crawford would like to discuss. Repeated contact with the allergen for 48 – 72 hours develop an inflammatory response in erythematous or vesicular form.

Sensitized lymphocytes migrate to the site re-exposure to the antigen and react with it. As a result, stand inflammatory mediators, and developed a clinical picture of atopic dermatitis. Skin and allergic reactions of immediate type when Skin and allergic reactions of immediate type (anaphylactic) antibodies sensitized tissues, fixed on the surface of mast cells, combined with the reintroduction of the antigen, resulting in immediate release of physiologically active substances histamine, serotonin, acetylcholine, oc-oglikanov, etc. As a result, developed a local allergic reaction with swelling of the skin, blisters and itching. Common allergic reaction can manifest as urticaria, angioedema and anaphylactic shock. The physician conducting the procedure of mesotherapy must be prepared to provide appropriate medical care and have all the necessary tools for its conduct. The skin should be thoroughly cleaned with saline, distilled water or thermal water, intramuscularly + antihistamines, intravenous sodium thiosulfate, or calcium chloride; External lotion (solution of silver, boric acid, tannin, etc.), hormone creams and ointments (Advantan, etc.), and bullous reactions – paste (Lassara, etc.). Aggravation of herpetic infection is known that for 18 years over 90% of urban residents infected with one or more strains of the herpes virus, and recurrent forms of herpes affects 10 to 20% of the population. The complications of mesotherapy as a result of reactivation of herpes viral infection significantly reduce the cosmetic results of ongoing procedures, which can cause emotional and negative reaction in the patient. As a preventive measure that can protect the patient from possible complications should be recommend prophylactic administration of antiviral and immunomodulatory drugs (eg, acyclovir) for 4-5 days before the course of mesotherapy. Other side effects and complications, you can follow any responses to discuss Cosmetology forum about beauty and cosmetics.

Orthopedics - December 30, 2014 by Jackie

The omission of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity. Typically, mode of wearing corset belt defines the doctor or consultant Orthopedic salon. But in general we can say about the following rules to wear lumbar braces and orthoses: corset belt can be used throughout the day. The optimal wearing time 8 hours per day. For the prevention of signs of malnutrition paravertebral muscles every 2-3 hours of wearing needed a break of up to 15 minutes, during which the belt must be removed or significantly relax. During the day and rest Time to sleep at night to shoot.

In the preventive mode are recommended for use during times of high physical (dynamic and static) loads up to 4 hours. Corset belts are matched in size to selection to measure waist circumference or hip circumference (depending on the design of the waist) Select corset belts are best left to a specialist. But the patient can assess the correctness of the recommendation and selection of belts using a simple assessment of their own feelings. First, the belt should fit snugly to the body surface, or should not be bristling ridge Secondly, the pressure zone on the body should not be redundant, but hang out Seen on TV, too, should not. Third, the design and location of stiffeners should provide uniform support and distribution of load on the spine and surrounding muscles. Fourthly, during the habitual actions (Movements) the patient should not feel like impediment belt, the product should be virtually invisible (should be felt only in a compression of the lateral and anterior abdominal wall). Feeling zone must appear at extreme movements (deep bending forward or sideways). Using the corset belt is now recognized the best way to support and unloading of the lumbar spine during the day.

Considered mandatory wearing of the belt during the course of treatment of lower back. Recommended wearing belts with heavy physical work, lifting heavy objects, while working in the country, while repairing the car. In all these cases, corset belt will be essential prevention silt excellent remedy, the application of which will save you from problems with the loin. Volchenkov, Alexander, Project Coordinator

Mesotherapy - December 11, 2011 by Jackie

Preporaty for Mesotherapy can be performed both on the basis of one active substance or several. And they both can be used as a ready-koteylyah and cooked just before use. PREPARATIONS BASED Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) RESULT: Increases skin tone (Lifting effect). Improves skin quality (smooth, Smooth and velvety). Smooths Skin microrelief. Increase the density SKIN. SMALL PERSISTS WRINKLES, reduces wrinkles EXPRESS. Preparations of hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic acid is often used for mesotherapy.

It is effective for the treatment of age-related changes, inflammatory processes and scarring of the skin. Hyaluronic acid in this case, stimulates the metabolic processes in cells and intercellular space of the skin, promotes the formation of new blood vessels in the area. Mesotherapy with the use of hyaluronic acid should be performed regularly, as it quickly turned into metabolic processes and is completely resorbed within 2-3 weeks (the more dehydrated skin, the faster). A full course of mesotherapy takes up to five months, depending on the initial state of the skin. RESULT: improves skin quality (smooth, Smooth and velvety). Increases skin tone (Lifting effect).

Smooths Skin microrelief. SKIN By becoming more 'CONTENT', to maintain the required level of UVLAZHENNOSTI increases the turgor. Reduces the intensity 'Stagnant' STAIN postacne. Shrinks the size of hypertrophic scars. ON THE BASIS OF PREPARATION Hexapeptide RESULT: Smooths Skin microrelief. PERSISTS fine lines, shallow wrinkles EXPRESS. Preparations based on glycosaminoglycans RESULT: improves skin quality. Align Microrelief SKIN. Smooths out small wrinkles. The positive dynamics for Acne Hyperpigmentation AND CORRECTION. Preparations based on Collagen and elastin RESULT: improves skin quality. Smooths Skin microrelief. Reduces wrinkles and folds. Shrinks the size of RASTYAZHOK. Preparations based on biologically active substances (BAS) KAVIAR RESULT: speed up the metabolism. ENABLING Reparative processes in the skin. Accelerate TREATMENT AND REHABILITATION AFTER THE invasive procedures. PREPARATIONS BASED ON SUBSTANCES mineral reduces the depth and quantity (due to acceleration The regeneration process).

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