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Beekeeping Development

The first mention of the development of beekeeping in Russia occur in the 10th century, ie, from the time of writing. From the ancient sources we know that in the ages 9-13, beekeeping has been one of the major industries. In the annals of describes numerous bortevye lands belonging to monasteries, nobles, princes and simple peasants. Board called duplyanoe tree in which bees are staged their homes, either individually cropped hollow, reinforced high on the trunk. Tipping on the same tree came to 5-7 and more. Artificially hollowing hollows, farmers created a whole bortevye forest. Many families were kept on board the 200-500 with the bees. The richest meadows honey vegetation contributed to the huge collection of vintage. Sometimes found in the hollows of 15-20 pounds (240-320 kg) of a different honeycomb. There are entire forest communities in which focused solely on apiculture, they are called Bortnoe, Bortitsy, Troebortnoye, Medyn, Pchelinovka. Along with bortevym beekeeping actively developed and Kolodno. Hollows carved out of wood with bees, were mounted on to the stumps. To do this, especially in the forest cut down, "excised" section of the forest. From this, such Kolodny farm later became known as hives. With the gradual destruction of large areas of forest, the man moved closer to the apiary his house, which contributed Development of beekeeping. The deck was more convenient to care for the bees to create favorable conditions for their existence. As a consequence, harvested honey began to increase. Beginning of Christianity, as well contributed to increased productivity of honey and wax. Monasteries and many dioceses had great bortnye and Kolodny grounds. The clergy, engaged in beekeeping, this is considered the holy thing. Russian backers bee considered Solovetsky monks, and Zosimus Sabbatius. Knowing and appreciating the honey for its medicinal and nutritional properties, our ancestors used it extensively in his life. In the old medical manual found dozens of recipes in the composition of which included honey and various herbs. The first, most famous book, by treatment with pcheloproduktsii, wrote Yefrosinya, daughter of Prince Vladimir Monomakh. On the shelves of pharmacies Zemsky honey sold as a medicinal means. Honey got on the table in human whole comb, it contained all the bee products: pollen, propolis, bee pollen, royal jelly, beeswax. This mix is truly a health elixir: gave life force, energizing it possible to cope with many diseases. During the meal the dish was always present "hlebovo" – pergovo – honeycomb crumbled into the water. Apparently, the name comes from the word hlebovo hlebina – so used to be called ambrosia. With the use of honey were prepared tryavyanye different teas, brew beer, confectionery. Wide popularity enjoyed drinking mead varying strength. The action of the drinking honey fundamentally different from other alcoholic beverages. Moderately drunk, he gave courage, cheerfulness, multiply the strength and health, without stupefying and unhealthy excitement of people. From this drink did not happen and a hangover headache. From 10 to 17 century was to Russia flourishing beekeeping. The richest forests, vast meadows with vegetation contributed to the collection of honey a huge crop. In the 13th century, honey, raw mined 20 million pounds per year, and reached to 18 to 24 million pounds (more than 380 thousand tons) per year. Brisk trade was not only domestically but also with other countries. Along with fur, Russia was the largest supplier of honey and wax to Western Europe, Greece, Venice. Only in Britain annually exported 50 thousand pounds of honey. Foreigners are often then called Rus' medotekuschey. " Company Tentorium.

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Seasonal Adjustment Disorder

Autumn and winter – is a dark time of year. During this period, often seasonal and develops a sleep disorder. Old as the hills, the truth – not to nod all day, have a good sleep. What do I need? Before going to bed – a glass of warm milk with a spoonful of honey, warm but not hot showers, no horror, quarrels, or discuss business problems – in short, anything that can get us out of spiritual balance. Another – a bed with a rather hard surface, easy blanket (and often leads to sleep disturbances is overheating). The optimum temperature for the bedroom – 16-18 degrees, so that shortly before bedtime is a well aired room, or just leave the window ajar at night. We all more drawn into a life that is full of things and not give us the opportunity to rest. Sometimes it goes so far that we are forced to sacrifice their sleep. Not surprisingly, many people close their eyes from fatigue, and they begin to nod at the wrong time! I fall asleep on the go! Sleep disorders in the same degree of drowsiness, as well as the lack of full sleep. Our natural sleep-wake cycle may be disrupted by various reasons, eg due to jet lag, night shift work, lack of time sleep at night, partying. Often people try to do something when their brains and bodies are in a state of sleep. – Autumn and Winter – it's dark time of year. During this period, often seasonal and develops a sleep disorder. It is typical for the Nordic countries, where half – light and heat, and the half-year reign of cold. Reducing the amount of sunlight triggers a many people depressed, depressed mood, irritability, constant drowsiness. However, this disease can be treated successfully phototherapy, including at home. It only takes two hours a day conduct at the source of bright light. For example, read about the bright fluorescent lights, installed at a distance of 50-80 cm from the eye. After a while of this treatment lethargy and drowsiness gradually go away. The fact that our eyes This, in essence, the photocell associated with the pituitary gland. In response to exposure to light the gland begins to produce certain hormones. If the light is small, hormone production decreases, and the person becomes sleepy. But as soon as we get enough light, activated by hormones, and again we feel active and alert. So stand up properly, the alarm rang. Do not just jump out of bed and rush to the bathroom at a gallop. It is better for 3-5 minutes to stay in bed, having arranged a "mini-charge": hard to squint a few times, povertet head, rotate wrists, feet, stretch, relax the muscles of the body, rotate the "bicycle". In the evening a very good idea to put on bedside thermos with something hot and tasty. This may be a strong sweet tea with lemon, cocoa, infusion of rose, compote of dried fruits. Even after a couple of sips of this drink to get out from under the covers is not so disgusting. Walking As a rule, constant sleepiness is a sign of the general weakening of the body, which is typical for early spring (of sleepiness as a sign of the disease, is a special, and now it is not about this). In general, the body has to help – good nutrition, exercise, vitamins, fresh air, and other necessary and important things – everything that is meant by a healthy lifestyle.

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Losing Weight

Diet, sites, clinics, doctors, nutritionists, friends, counselors – about how to lose weight a huge amount. You will offer a variety of techniques such as weight loss. On all sides is heard, "lose weight without any problems," "fast way to lose weight, "" lose weight without dieting. " And people obsessed with losing weight, one way or another, pecking at the bait. Now it is so lucrative that the proposals, the feeling is more than willing. After all the hunting fold overweight. Become slim and toned, so it was nice to see myself in the mirror. At any age, if a person has those extra pounds, he wants to get rid of them. That's why all the flourishes and the variety baits, methods and techniques. Accordingly, thrive who was behind it. We do not undertake to lead the industry's annual turnover figures "weight loss" in our country, in Europe and the world. Here's obvious that the zeros of the sum will be big set. Let's take a look at how 'feet grow, "and what to do, that is, try to think of his head, not the stomach. Since childhood, the child is fed that food that is eaten by his parents. Parents, in turn, fed by their parents … and so on in the mists of time. The TV ads are constantly twist "goodies" in the books described abundant feast for all the slightest excuse, movies are filled with scenes of feasting, the Internet scored recipes. EVERYTHING! All designed to ensure that a person with a young age program rooted in the head, that it should be.

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Oxygen Enrichment

3. Oxygen enrichment in all weather conditions should be chosen for a walk. At least for 20 minutes, a refreshing breath of air and positive charge. Even on a cloudy day daylight stimulates the production of hormones of pleasure, which are so lacking in the winter. You also need to be aired more often, where you are, and where possible humidify the air. Saturated with oxygen and help breathing exercises. Just a few minutes a day can help 'to air mozgi'-energize and gain clarity of thought. For breath and can of cocktail-oxygen. Good These mixtures are now quite feasible to purchase. Producers argue that this two-hour cocktail party will replace the walk in the woods. The main thing is that a single portion of a couple of times a week. Otherwise, oxygen enrichment can result in stomach upset. 4. A balanced diet in winter nutritionists strongly recommend experimenting with rigid diets. In this bleak period, the body just needs power, energy and nutrients the main sources of which are considered a balanced diet. It is extremely important hot food (vegetable soups, steamed vegetables, legumes). The breakfast will suit a variety of cereals, eggs in any form, cheesecakes and puddings. In weekly diet be sure to include dishes from the liver, fish and vegetables, including frozen. Nalyagayte especially for cabbage of various kinds, red peppers, green beans. Compensate for a deficiency of vitamins and mikroelimentov help multivitamin complexes, some of them will choose a therapist. 5. Professional help in winter, more than ever, actual spa programs that not only help hone your silhouette dramatically improve skin condition and hair, but also promote production of endorphins are responsible for good mood. These include massage, skrabirovanie, hydrating mask, oil wrap, paraffin therapy. Compositions for them is a concentrate of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, which intensively moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin while protecting against harmful environmental factors. What not to do – abuse hot water, taking a shower or bath. It deprives the skin precious moisture. Ideally, the water temperature should not exceed 36s – Exposing skin to extreme temperatures. Therefore, as would be desirable to shove frozen hands under hot water or a jet of a fan, wait at least 10 minutes. Let your skin get used to the new temperature. – Use a gel toothpaste – in winter it often causes irritation and dryness of the lips and skin around the mouth.

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Why am I bad. We receive many letters where people complain about their fate. We asked the Guru Sotidanandana Alid – Bevel – NATVA how they can help .. We receive many letters where people complain about their fate. We asked the Guru Sotidanandana Alid – Bevel – NATVA how they can help. – There is nothing surprising – Teacher said .- People who are ill, have put secular above God. And our lives are so arranged that it will never be all good may not always an average of 50% 50% good and evil. This is to ensure that people are not fully asleep and thought – why should he lives. After all, the purpose of life is not a career, starting a family and meeting the ever-growing desires. All this has not made anyone happy. Goal life to foster a love of God to the people, not only to his family, but to all people. Often people complain that they either do not recognize, does not like. And they are at least 10 minutes a day think of the God, send love to him? If not, it is clear why they feel bad. Every morning and evening to listen to Geeta Ashram at least 10 minutes. You can dance to their favorite songs and send the love of God, the Master and others. If it is sincere, then you will feel a state of happiness. Want more happiness – more dance or just listen to Geeta Ashram, being in love.

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Hyoscyamine extends pupils. Wine decoction of the roots is prescribed for Parkinson's disease. With the leaves and roots are atropine. Collection. The leaves are harvested during the flowering period, in June-July, 3-4 times as their regrowth. Pluck at the base of the leaf blade. Immediately dried in the shade. Roots are usually harvested in the fall (September – October) from plants of the second year. Harvest only the fleshy, succulent side the roots, removing the woody base of the main root. Dried in a shaded, well-ventilated areas. The whole plant is poisonous, that should be considered when collecting and drying: not to touch the nose, eyes, lips, and after work wash your hands. Machinery. Belladonna water-loving plant. In the first year is growing slowly, while the second and subsequent years producing good shrubs and roots. Optimal conditions for seed germination ranged 20-25 C. The Stairs develop slowly. The above-ground portion of plants completely die at a temperature of -4-5 , and again during warming grows from the root collar. In belladonna, according to the GN Kotukov (1964), should be given a fertile land, protected from and freezing winds with moderate to high humidity. Good yields Belladonna gives cultivated soils with medium and light texture, with a strong structure. Good results are obtained in the backyard crop rotation: vegetables, fodder, luchnih.udobryaemymi precursors are clean pairs, winter, going on a couple of fertilized, tilled crops, for which fertilized. Cultivation of soil tillage with winter fallow begin a depth of 25 – 27 cm, and the soils with a shallow layer of topsoil – the full depth of the plow with his skimmers.

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