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Currently there are millions and millions of cosmetics that help mask the aging, to pretend to be young, and they get it, but that such after the hard day’s work, at night, when cuando llega arrives the time of take off that mask of youth and face hard and raw reality that you feel under your skin? There is an abysmal difference between pretend youth, and neck up to really have the energy, feel and look great, that your immune system is strong, that your digestion is like yesteryear, when every cell in your body had the power to renew or regenerate anything in a short time. All creams can make you look young in minutes, but it is only a fleeting illusion. And afrontemoslo, old age is something that everyone will experience in the future and that science not be able rather than masking in the near future. But, and if you could give each of your cells something which would return them the energy, and that in a few weeks start to feel that you sleep better and with better quality, that you have more energy in the mornings, that you don’t feel bad so often and that your mood has improved to such a degree do people that surrounds you wondering that these drug taking? Reverse premature aging and delay natural aging is possible. You may find that Jim Hackett can contribute to your knowledge. If you’ve not yet heard of Alpha peptides polysaccharides, most likely you soon hear of them, as increasingly more people realize the benefits, not only on health, but also in the cosmetics area. I.e., one of the effects side which consume the polysaccharides peptide alpha, is that cells regenerate also skin, moisturize it and rejuvenate. Now, it is a secondary effect, as I said, these peptides polysaccharides, provide energy cells 100% usable and food that require to operate at 100% of their capacity, and the benefit starts from the inside to out. Bone to begin to detoxify yourself, and then feel your digestion improved, best Hello, you’ll have an increase in your energy, and feel you more healthy, even your libido will have a significant increase, no matter if you already spend 30 years. That is why I ask you, you want to really only appear to be young, or of truth be young again? Polysaccharides Alpha peptides, can be consumed by men and women, no matter the age, but people more than 30 years as I, they are consuming, we see these benefits in our lives, people of our age does not believe yet that we can continue ejercitandonos more time with more energy and recover quickly, does not understand that we are in a better mood and how is that we had a sudden rejuvenation.

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Massage Chairs Relaxation

System: Stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory system that carries white blood cells. Benefits system endocrine, urinary, reproductive, prostate and kidney. Increases the release of endorphins, naturally occurring substance that fights the pain. Also boosts the immune system to fight infections and allergies. It improves the respiratory capacity, asthma, bronchitis and sinusitis. Balances and silk the activity of the nervous system, promoting relaxation. Protects the cardiovascular system, regulates blood pressure and heart rate. It stimulates the digestive system, the production of saliva and digestive juices. Mind: Help to reconcile the natural sleep without disturbances, fighting insomnia. It alleviates emotional tension, anxiety, distress, neurosis and stress. Positive effect of massage and music in depressed youth or nervousness. It promotes mental clarity, concentration and serenity and inner peace. Workers pay more, are more alert, more motivated and less Health: Massage chairs relieve the pain of the joints, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Beneficial in rheumatism, chronic pain, fatigue and chronic fatigue. It helps in digestive problems. Increases vitality, eliminate toxins and rejuvenation in general. Benefits of massage: for oriental medicine, the human body is a map of meridians of energy, which consists of thousands of interconnected through these relax armchairs points. We can measure the energy of each point and in this way reach the perfect balance, correcting the energy levels of the so-called tsubos. Everything that deviates from this balance tends to generate abnormalities and diseases. Physical reduces combat stress and insomnia Relieves pains cervical eliminates tension in the shoulders relaxes the dorsal muscles reduces back pain relieves lumbago combat the heaviness of legs headaches psychic – mind stimulates circulation

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Eva Maria Illera Rodriguez

When the city lie many workers begin their workday. A habit that known, and much, the pharmacy sector. And it is that many of these professionals have had to adapt, after the boom of the pharmacies 24 hours, to start his work when night makes its appearance. Given this recent reality, Asefarma ( one of the consultants of leading pharmacies in our country boasts 350 pharmacies as clients-recommended care certain habits so the apothecaries and their workers health will suffer as little as possible. The pharmacist does not escape from the hazards of night work. In generates people who have night shifts suffer your circadian rhythm disturbances. Insomnia, irritability, anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, panic, cardiovascular diseases, attacks are also other alterations that may suffer., as explained by Eva Maria Illera Rodriguez, head of the Labor Department. Given that Asefarma has as clientele to fence 300 pharmacies in Madrid and that hasn’t lost sight medical studies which reveal that they advise against working at night to minors of 20 and older than 45 years or every 15 years of night work occurs 5 years premature aging, as well as for people with gastrointestinal ailments, makes the following recommendations: u night pharmacy work is different to the day since there is no such influx of customers, and essentially consists in the dispensing of prescriptions and management jobs. It is therefore advisable to distribute the workload to the extent possible and avoid making the heaviest work in middle of the night or very early in the morning. u in addition the company must guarantee a free health assessment before their affectation to night work and thereafter at regular intervals carry out a medical examination to detect background of digestive disorders or other conditions. u The owner of the pharmacy must always take preventive measures such as increasing times of rest, or promote a workplace that ensures adequate light, good temperature for example.

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