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By all means, that of a twisted way. The masculinidad that generates violence acts, trastoca the most sensible fibers of the people who more mistress. The pair, the children, the brothers and sometimes until the same parents. It is necessary to raise the voice and to try to find a solution for this situation that a great amount of emotional pain has left in infinity of families, and a great amount of deaths of the soul and physical bruises has caused. To have undergone the causes of the violence and the abuse generates feelings of injustice, revenge, resentment and a lack of sense in the life. The valiant people do not feel didagnas nor. Is really that the life that deserves a human being? As much men as women are necessary we recognize that it, we identify who it, and, yes we are living a situation thus, then to look for aid and to try to leave that so painful cycle that dims the life All we required to work as much not from a perspective of judgment but of understanding for exerts that it, like for suffers who it. A great anger is needed to recognize that one or one is surrounded in a relation of this nature. As much men as women we required to give a name him, and this violence is called. Yes the subjects set out here interest escrbame to him, and but also. Shortly Cecreto will count on a service this aim and to promote the emotional health of the men and its families Thanks to read to me, my mission and intention are the quality of emotional life Some of the subjects treated in these articles, can question its vision of the world And it makes his available, the launching of his E_Book WHEN THE LOVE IN PAIR BECOMES PAIN. With the acquisition of this material you free have three consultations with the author via and mail.

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