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The Children - January 3, 2014 by Jackie

TROMBETTA and COL (2002, apud BORBA, 2006) say that one program of physical training must consist of aerbicos exercises, cyclical and continuous, that involve great muscular groups, such as walked, cycling, swimming, among others. therefore, the paper of the playful activity will be to transform everything pleasant and gostoso this into something to practise. The children like tricks and games, and can use this as strategy to stimulate a obesa child to make physical activity, surpassing the pleasure to attend television. with passing of the time the child it will more change its behavior not being seduced by the television or a pot of dainties, and yes to prefer to jump rope with the friends, to play ball in the street or simply to dance in the house room. VIUNISKI (2000, apud BORBA, 2006) complements: ' ' he is most likely that we go to obtain to increase the physical activity of a child by means of mannering and ambient changes, being these incorporating the day-the-dia' ' , that is, we will obtain more healthful children if to show pra they them diverse possibilities of playful physical activity, so that they can choose its, in one hour of leisure with the friends, the family or alone. the biggest benefit is not the child simply to move of habits, but yes, to continue with this more healthful position for the remaining portion of its life.

5. FINAL CONSIDERAES I believe that the infantile obesidade, and also the adult obesidade can be fought, be treated, and even though extinguished, by means of an arduous work, serious and persistent. However, I also believe that the playful one it will be able to assist excessively in this work, since the child until the aged one, therefore backwards in return the pleasure to play, of reviver things of the past, forgetting or to distract the problems of day-by-day.

X-Rays - November 5, 2013 by Jackie

However, nor all the types of x-rays are equal. Some procedures are not controlled, are more invasive and in such a way cause external burnings as internal in the agency of the patient. H.L.F. (55 years, 2009) counts that, ‘ ‘ now I came of there? of Curitiba? with the sensible skin, I came with the throat burnt on the inside and for it are, as you so far, oh! … was very strong. It had that to be one well lesser, well lesser one, you! ‘ ‘.

still on the received load, ‘ ‘ but when I received, I already vi, the load I was very strong. … because he attacks you to this you feel, you do not need to explain nobody, you you feel you n? ‘ ‘. When the manifest illness if in the face and/or the neck arriving to affect the region of the throat the citizen finishes, mainly in terminal period of training, being private of the habitual feeding. The medicine then, if occupies of procedures as the feeding for nasoenteral, responsible sounding lead for taking the food through small pipes installed in the one of the nostrils until the digestive system of the individual, thus substituting function of the throat, link between the mouth and the responsible device for the digestion.

It happens that, this feeding is not enough so that the individual if keeps with the same levels of corporal mass and previous energy. H.L.F. (55 years: 2009) tell on the condition of its weight saying that, ‘ ‘ before, never it had lost in such a way thus, … ‘ ‘ on the feeding, Aid, it aid, aid alone that I it had that to arrive back in the feeding strongest, … Therefore I Pparently you the good, knows? I you am weak, alone I will recuper I lack me of the weakness, n? Because it is slow, n? Through this nutrition it is very slow, n?

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