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The Importance Of Branding

But since the clientele of intermediate products is the core business of most of the brands, the trend suggests that the price has become the key component in purchasing decisions, something that had not been seen in the past It is said that in categories that were once considered immune to economic cycles. Many jokes are circulating out there that we would be the only segment immune to the recession, said Douglas Brand, senior brand manager of Chunky Soup and Campbell Soup Co. Chili I think we are discovering that there is nothing that is immune to recession. The consumer trend to mentally calculate the value of the product-quality divided by price, has gone from the largest purchases such as cars and refrigerators, to products of lower prices, such as soup cans. It is a challenge for us, marketing professionals, maintaining our position a Of course there are companies that take advantage of these opportunities and make almost like good brands, which possessed the market and take advantage of the recession, many sometimes even fake brands as with Chinese companies, for example the recent Italian brand with products that has led to the Italian government to take action in the matter. The products offered are cheap and It conquers the trachea consumers already know about these brands, or acquire new a interested in these marks. Reference is made in this Congress a several speakers pointed out that marketers should pay attention to the kind of anxiety that plagues the customer. It is said that there are many things in life people are not getting control what we can do as it makes efforts to make the consumer more aware of what happens. In Campbell’s, that meant to emphasize the traditional manufacturer’s quality by drawing attention to the nutritional information of the product began to show in front of the packaging. Everything counts when it comes to the decision, even things that seem unimportant. The goal, he said, is to reassure the customer, to tell him that when he decides to buy a certain product, the decision was good. Maybe they are taking bad decisions around it: the banks are investing in poor-quality mortgages. However, it is spending their money on things that are worthwhile, allowing you to control what can be controlled. Gunther said that Newell Rubbermaid has made a similar change in the packaging of the product line of paint applicators Shurline. Although Shurline acting on a segment without major attraction-where the brand recognition is approximately 5% – research showed that customer’s desire to have a greater degree of control was, inter alia, in touch bristle paint applicators before buying. There was a change in the packaging allowing the customer to interact with the product. As a result, Shurline sales held steady last year, while the sector in general, registered a fall of 30%, said Gunther. It was referenzia that makes should work asociac Industrial Engineer-manager, lawyer. EGADE (ITESM), UC, University of Chilea Graduate Masters in Business Administration mentioned markets, human resources, Quality and Productivity; Doctoral Education Education and researcher Professor Graduate Area Faces UC. Graduate Program Coordinator quality management and productivity.

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