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Local Car Repair

The company “” offers a new service on the local car body repair – the most economical, fast and affordable option of repairing the vehicle. According to statistics, more than two thirds of all the works that are performed car services, are working to eliminate scratches, small dents and chips, then there is minor damage to the body that do not require removal and full color throughout the body parts. For quick and quality elimination of such damage indiscriminately car body company, “” uses local repair of the body. It includes a range of works to restore the body of the car only in the place where necessary, ie where there are scratches, chips, scrapes and other minor injuries. Local repair conducted by specialists of “” implies the implementation of several types of work. After aligning damaged areas and surface preparation details on the treated area applied special professional grounds, paint and final protective coating. High-performance technology selection Paint color match guarantee full re-applied coating with a factory option. Repair work on the local end-drying body infrared lamps and polished car. As a result, obtain long-lasting, durable, resistant to rain, abrasion and bending surface. Local car repairs – the best alternative to the ordinary (capital) repair the body. After all the necessary work conducted only on a small area, which significantly reduces the cost of repair materials, and to prepare the body to repair does not use such sophisticated methods and techniques as welding, replacement of parts or dismantling items body, which reduces the amount of time. As a result, for the local repair takes only 2-4 hours, and the cost of a nice surprise to its small size. About Our main business “” is a local body repair. The list of services provided by the company include the repair of bumpers, a local painting the body, polishing the headlights and body. Using the latest equipment and high specialist qualifications “” allows local repair quality and within the specified period.

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