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Pipes Used - August 25, 2015 by Jackie

In the beginning of 2000. on the secondary market only started to be created demand for pipes, used. And this demand gave rise to a strong increase in prices for new tubes. Strong influence on the increase in prices in the pipe industry had Russian mining and metallurgical complex mmc begun to increase prices for metallurgical raw materials and metal, is a staple in the manufacture of tubular products. Will be a huge the difference in price between the new pipe and tube used in the rare little difference in quality, has created a secondary market for tubular products, which today is rapidly developing.

The advantage of tubes used – is, above all, their price, which is an order of magnitude different from the price of new. Of course, you may ask, what about the quality, the service life of such a pipe? Most of the designs of the pipes are dismantled long before the exhaustion of the resource, and therefore are useful to reuse. Use of used tubes can significantly save you money. In Russia, the length of trunk gas pipelines is over 200 thousand kilometers. Permanent replacement of these pipes is source of quality used pipes for the secondary market. In finding the weak spots in the pipeline that would avoid catastrophic consequences is replaced by a whole lot. Sometimes the pipes versed on economic reasons. Another important source of aftermarket pipes are surplus stock of various companies.

Exporters of pipes – a product pipe mills have not been tested for quality. Pipes used before secondary application usually go through several stages of cleaning and restoration: cleaning the old insulation, cleaning of the inner and outer surfaces of the pipe, if necessary, cutting new facets and various insulating materials. The main problem of pipes were in use is that after recovery there is not any certificate. Used tube recommended for use in designs that require much less strength than has the same new pipe. That is, in important and critical structures using tubes used can not. But it will be correct, if applied in designs that do not require a large margin, and the use of new pipe simply is not profitable (sewers, piles, poles, etc.). Meanwhile, the aftermarket tubular successfully developed, and become a competitive business. In the near beduyuschemne a decrease in demand for pipes, Second-hand, but rather on the contrary only increase. As this contributes to a constant increase in prices for new tubes.

Examples - August 22, 2015 by Jackie

Channel 10 is used in heavy machinery, machine tools, car building and even in the construction of residential buildings. "Ten" – this is usually the leader of the demand, since by virtue of its high strength and is still relatively small dimensions of channel 10 is used almost everywhere you may need this kind of hire. In warehouses self-respecting company always has sufficient stock of channel bar 10, because demand is high and at any time can come a large order. No exception here and anta company, which ships the channel 10, with its warehouses in St. Petersburg. Channel 12 belongs to a group of shaped metal.

Similar in its properties to "top ten", he was not always applied equally to her: the growth dimensions of the elementary components leads to the fact that the designs become cumbersome. Gunnar Peterson is often quoted on this topic. We can say that for the erection of ordinary light structures use channel bar 12 is redundant. Assortment of skirts from 14 to 20 is quite extensive. This robust design is often used in the development of factory equipment. This kind of metal sufficiently resistant to all sorts of high stresses resulting in the production, and intense vibration. In qualitatively produced the bars, no cracks, and their geometry eliminates design defects that occur over time due to metal fatigue. Channel 14, channel 16, channel 18 on the objects that are not directly related to industrial production, there are not so often, but channel 20 ("Twenty") – a very popular form of metal that finds use in normal lung structures as the carrier.

In Examples include the premises of large hypermarkets, constructed on the basis of frame, large advertising structures (billboards especially large sizes, placed a "gate" on the road. If design needs extra margin of stability, there can also be used channel 30). "Twenty" opens a class of powerful skirts that are of interest primarily to large industrial and construction businesses that require a lot of designs with a high margin of safety. Such designs can be manufactured with the use of doping, and special additives that enhance the stability of skirts in special circumstances. Channel 22, channel 24, channel 27, channel 30, and even the channel 40, which can be used as a key element in the construction of bridges, farms, columned structures – these are the kinds of channels, which are heavily bought the building organizations and enterprises of heavy industry. Thus, the channel is one of the most common types of metal, which we can often see in our lives – from the lungs to the pavilion designs powerful attachment to the huge power turbines and in mine shafts. The company anta know what standards should meet all kinds of channels, and will gladly help you buy steel channel bars of any types in the right quantity.

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