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In addition, over time, the benefits are even greater: lower risk of premature death, heart disease and other serious illnesses. But in the case of women who are expecting a baby, pregnancy exercise has additional benefits. It has proven that exercise can help prevent diabetes of pregnancy, a type of diabetes that develops during pregnancy sometimes. Women who have already had gestation diabetes, is also recommended to exercise on a regular basis, as well as modifying their diet, to keep the disease under control. Before starting before starting any physical activity, talk with your professional healthcare. Not all pregnant women should exercise, especially if they are at risk for preterm birth or suffer from a serious illness, such as heart or lungs. Therefore, check with your health care professional before starting an exercise program. Then, decide which type of exercise want to do. Choose activities that you enjoy. You You may want to try several. For example, walk for 30 minutes is an excellent way to get the aerobic benefits of exercise, and do not need to become a member of a gym or purchase special equipment. You can also run or dance, if so desired. Swimming is another type of exercise that is very good for pregnant women. Water supports the body’s weight and provides resistance that helps to increase your heart rate. You can also take a yoga or aerobics class designed for pregnant women. Be careful to choose a sport. Avoid activities that may put you at risk of injury, such as horseback riding or skiing downhill. They exist in pregnancy: abdominal exercises, exercises to relax and others, but if we wish to advise that there are some sports that can injure the abdomen, avoid the practice of these because it is of vital importance. Especially after the third month, avoid those exercises where have to lie upside down because it can reduce blood flow to the uterus and endanger the baby. Never dive because you can cause very serious problems in the baby’s circulatory system. When you exercise, pay attention to your body and how you feel. Do not overreach. Do it gradually. If you suffer from a serious problem, such as vaginal bleeding, dizziness, headaches, chest pain, decrease in movements of the baby or contractions, stop exercising and call your healthcare professional right away. With a little care, you can achieve and maintain a physical state that will surprise your grandmother. You will feel and look better. And Yes, you can put your feet in height and rest after having gone to walk.

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