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Cycling - September 1, 2016 by Jackie

The cyclist pinteo of the Saxo Bank will look for his fourth victory in the French round. He recognizes that it will be a very difficult challenge after his recent victory in Giro of Italy. Accountant can compete after the decision of the ANVIL to postpone the view to decide on the resources presented/displayed after his acquittal after the 2010 positive. The Alberto Spanish Accountant, of the Saxo Bank, has confirmed in his locality of Pinto that he has predicted to compete in the Tour of France 2011 and to look for his fourth victory in the Gallic round. After the first cicloturista march that takes its name, pinteo announced its participation and cleared the doubts on its presence to return to win, which did in 2007, 2009 and 2010.

Accountant, who also has overcome Giro of Italy in the 2008 and 2011 and Return to Spain in 2008, can compete after knowing the decision the Court of Sport Arbitration (ANVIL) to postpone the view on the resources presented/displayed by Unin Ciclista Internacional (UCI) and World-wide Agency Antidopaje (MISTRESS) against his acquittal after a positive in the French race in 2010. Accountant admitted that &quot knows that; difcil&quot is a challenge; to run the Tour after the concerted effort and the accumulated wearing down to prevail in Giro, and the last test that has done has been the best one and than equal it could arrive in better conditions at the Return at Spain. Nevertheless, it explained that it motivates the fact to him to try to return to gain the most important test by stages of the calendar before the best ones from the squad, and who does more than one decade that nobody desire in a same year Giro and the Tour. Miguel obtained it to Indurin in 1992 and 1993. " It is a challenge. I have meditated that is why it as much, I have been speaking with the equipment, has been a decision that I have taken altogether with Bjarne Riis. Doubt that does not fit for the equipment it is fundamental that I am there, and for the sponsors, and also influences the amount of people who animate to you so that ests" , it pointed Accountant.

The Spanish cyclist now thinks to rest all the possible one. " I prefer to even lose the form, but mainly to arrive rested. I insist much, but the people who are been in Giro can give faith of the hardness that is tenido" , it commented. Accountant thinks that &quot has the season; salvada" after gaining Giro and he assured that " to the Tour one goes away with desire and to try to fight by the victory, but without forgetting what you take in piernas". He admitted, after seeing the route, that the last week can &quot to him; to do larga" and he considered that a priori their main rivals can be the brothers Andy and Frank Schleck, of the Trek Leopard, that have concentrated this campaign in the Tour. " They are making a preparation very good, in California have had a high level, Frank walked very well in classic and the Criterium the International. And not only they, also the powerful equipment whom they have. Doubtlessly, they will be the runners who mark rrencia" , it said. Source of the news: Alberto Accountant confirms its presence in Tour 2011

Institute Robert Koch - January 8, 2014 by Jackie

Ever since, at the beginning of May, the first cases were registered the infection has affected in Germany to but of 2,800 people, of whom 32 have passed away and more than 700 they have undergone the dangerous haemolytic urmico syndrome (HUS), that can get to cause renal and cerebral damages irreparable. The German sanitary authorities also noticed that the threat of the lethal variant of bacterium E. coli persists in spite of to have located the center of the infection in the farm of Saxony Loss. Although the suspicions of the Institute Robert Koch on the origin of the pathogenic agent have been confirmed, " &quot persists the danger of infection by physical contact; , it indicated a spokesman of the ministry of Social Subjects of the centric federal state of Hesse. Failures of hygiene in the nutritional chain can lead to new buds of the dangerous O104 variant of bacterium E.

coli, noticed from this Ministry, that it made a call to the prevention and the maintenance of the cleanliness norms. " bad suerte" , the origin of the bud for Saxony Loss the Office of Protection of the Consumer of Saxony Loss considers that the operation of that same region center of the infection of ' E. coli' it has had " bad suerte" , and it discards legal sanctions and actions against his people in charge because they in force fulfilled all the norm with respect to his cultures of buds of seeds. " Until now all the investigation demonstrates that the farm is impeccable. She is hygienic and it fulfilled all the normativa" , it has affirmed the spokesman of the Office, Gert Hahne. " You watch it after you watch where it, there is no failure of the farm nor bases legal some for responsabilizarles" , it has indicated Hahne in telephone declarations. " You cannot punish to anybody to have bad suerte" , it said. Source of the news: The contranlisis confirms that the bacterium ' E. coli' it was originated in germinated seeds of Germany

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