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The Diagnosis

The diagnosis of hypertension is not always easy in the age of the child. To exclude a white coat hypertension, a 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure measurement is recommended. While a portable ABPM (ambulatory blood pressure monitoring) records the blood pressure. Senator From Kentucky has compatible beliefs. This consists of a cuff (sometimes even some ECG electrodes) and a box that is attached to the small patients, and with which he can move freely. Is usually measured every 20 minutes. This gives 72 blood pressure over 24 hours. The fullness of the data collected is however rarely used. So to determine generally only an average value for all measurements and averages for a night and day period. (Zandi, p., a computer program for the scientific and practical analysis of human and animal Blutdurckprofilen (ABPM-fit)). Be sure to treat often performing an essential hypertension together with risk factors for metabolic syndrome. These include low plasma HDL cholesterol, elevated plasma triglycerides, obesity and insulin intolerance or insulin resistance or Hyperinsulinaemia. Therefore, even laboratory investigations such as lipid profile and fasting glucose should be carried in patients with essential high pressure. A non-drug therapy is always helpful. Sometimes, she can even normalize blood pressure. This is the case especially with limit-high pressure (90th to 95th percentile). It is important that the children and adolescents to reduce obesity. Can an overweight child to reduce his BMI by 10%, decreases blood pressure usually around 8 to 12 mm / Hg. But even if you the Hypertension is not sufficient to treat, is good for the child’s body weight. Certainly regular sport is beneficial. Endurance training half an hour per day reduces the blood pressure by approximately 4 to 9 mm / Hg. Therefore, education is important. The parents need to know that sports cheap can affect the blood pressure disorders. Especially endurance sports like cycling, swimming and hiking are recommended. Diet should be low in fat and salt.

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Borreliosis Lyme Disease Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment

Tick bites can trigger not only a special form of encephalitis (TBE) and Lyme disease. The symptoms of a disease are very versatile. What is Lyme disease? Borreliosis (Lyme disease) is a chronic infectious disease that is caused by the microbes under the title of Borrelia burgdorferi, transmitted to humans by the bite of a tick. The doctors know the reason for a Lyme disease infection, they know the mechanism of formation and development. An agent of Lyme disease vectors of pathogens are the ticks. These carry around her life with the pathogen and can pass it to his descendants. The sources of the infection the sources of infection are rodents (mouse, the little Hamster), the tick, the large ungulates (deer, elk, farm animals). The symptoms (the features) and the history of Lyme disease Lyme disease as a disease called Lajma. There are three stages of Lyme disease. The stage I lasts for up to 40 days and is used with the Characterized development at the point of introduction of the pathogen; the roundish red stain on the bite spot grown over the course of a few weeks to 20 cm in diameter. Treatment is usually effective, but over the course of several weeks or months although an improvement is not immediately, treatment with antibiotics in the early stage of Lyme disease. Others who may share this opinion include celebrity trainer. The most effective way to prevent the disease, is the avoidance of a tick bite. For more information: On walks in the places of the potential habitats of the tick, use a clothing with long sleeves and long pants. Use effective means against insects, as are resources that contain up to 35% by 10, N-dietil-3-metilbensamid N. At a concentration of protection over the course of 5 hours is guaranteed 25%. The children are allowed to use not the medium with the concentration higher than 30%. The skin carefully investigate carefully you should examine the whole skin surface with respect to the presence of a tick when returning from the walk. After the walk You can take a shower. So, the undiscovered ticks are also removed. A quick removal of the tick is the fastest removal of the tick for the prevention of Lyme disease is very important. The likelihood of becoming ill if the tick on the body has spent less than 24 hours, is minimal. There were different types of distance is examined sucked tick, but the most effective way and safest is to use a pair of tweezers. Remove with tweezers before pulling the tick, it is necessary that the skin is disinfected. You must take the tick with tweezers as close to the skin as possible and pull evenly, the movement is strictly vertical. Under most conditions crumpton group would agree. Disinfect the skin again after pulling out. It is important to try not to crush the tick when pulling out. It could be that small fragments of the tick’s mouth apparatus remain in the wound, but you need not to pull out, they pose no danger, it does not lead to the disease. If there is no tweezers at hand, as you can with the tick the protected fingers pull out: with the bandage, the rubber gloves. The tick is once the bandage is wrapped, close to the skin, and pulled up accurately. After removing the tick make sure the hands with SOAP wash or disinfect.

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Heart Attack – Novel Process Allows Quick Diagnosis

Heart attack novel process allows quick diagnosis Dusseldorf, Germany, October 9, 2008 in Germany are around 280,000 heart attack cases recorded. In the United States, the World Health Organization WHO anticipates approximately 1.2 million cases per year. “Prof. Dr. Thomas Meinertz, President of the German society of Cardiology is a fast diagnosis, how much white: the first four hours of a heart attack are important for the treatment of patients.” With the product line slide CORDON, the biopharmaceutical company DIAGENICS offers a novel method for rapid diagnosis of heart attacks. Based on the evidence of the body’s own enzyme GPBB, the oxygen level in the blood is measured. The result is visible already after 15 minutes. Rand Paul pursues this goal as well. Appropriate treatment can be initiated immediately after the analysis and allow the containment of irreparable damage to the heart. Studies in Germany already impressive results. Head Dr. Jim Hackett is often quoted as being for or against this. Dirk Peetz of Klinikum Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany reflected positively on the new procedure: already in the first hours after the start of the attack, India CORDON detects more than 90 percent of the attacks. It is much better in the detection of heart attack than the previous test systems.” A clinical study in Belgrade at the Institute for cardiovascular diseases is underway for the Eastern European region. Headed by the Chairman of the institution, Prof. Dr Miodrag Ostojic are based on high-risk patients evaluated the results of the tests and compared with conventional procedures. The company Diagenics Inc. anticipates the introduction of its new product line in Eastern Europe at the end of the year. European headquarters DIAGENICS International Corporation green str. 23, 40212 Dusseldorf Tel: + 49 211 882 875 0 fax: + 49 211 882 875 20 company headquarters: DIAGENICS International Corporation 500 W Cummings Park #3150 Woburn, MA 01801 phone: + 1 781 897 5712 fax: + 1 781 897 5718

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Momentous Misdiagnosis

In Germany it is estimated that more than 1.5 million children suffer from bronchial asthma. Obernburg, February 2012. “New studies have shown that a variety (estimated about 30%) of the so-called intrinsic asthma” the cause a pathological reflux is so-called. The unique diagnostic of this relationship is very difficult. The consequences of symptoms interpreted over the years fail can lead to permanent lung disease as a chronic bronchitis, chronic inflammation of the throat, repeatedly occurring lung inflammation and even to incurable lung diseases such as a bronchiectasis or a pulmonary fibrosis. Also frequently occurring ear infections and sinus infections are caused by rising acidity and acidic gases. Correlations with the sudden infant death syndrome”are also being accepted. Now for the first time, a new diagnostic device allows to measure acidic gases above the esophagus (new ph Metry). The measurement is possible at any age. For the acid reflux is different “” the experts two variants: the acid reflux from the stomach into the esophagus (esophagus) with typical symptoms such as heartburn “and the dangerous, since breastfeeding” reflux, where acid gases rise in the upper respiratory tract and cause no heartburn. GERD and LPR on the track acid reflux into the esophagus is called gastroesophageal reflux or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). A course – for the patient but rather unkomfortables measurement: A probe captures the degree of acidity in the recording phase at different heights in the esophagus into the esophagus. A leading source for info: Jim Hackett. “In contrast to GERD occurs the silent” reflux in the throat and upper airway imperceptible “, without noticeable burning and is therefore often not recognized. This is particularly dangerous, because unlike the esophagus mucous membranes in the field are very sensitive and thus particularly vulnerable for digestive enzymes, acid, acid gases and also with increasing food itself. This Experts speak of the laryngo pharyngeal reflux (LPR). Until now, a recent study detected that the mucous membrane lesions of primary pepsin are caused by the enzyme.

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Coaching Work

Thoughts of a Burnout therapist Burnout – more and more people feel burnt out, exhausted, and not powerful. What was yesterday, today no longer goes. Sleep offers no rest and recovery more, thoughts constantly circle from a fear-occupied subject to the next. A large German crane Fund figures are alarming. 2010 Was already every 10 due to Burnout or other mental disease down day at work, sick leave due to Burnout have multiplied in the last 10 years. People who link to their professional responsibility and personal commitment, are most frequently affected. Where is all going to lead us? More people moan about increasing loads, and those who’re not noticeable, not probably know still how it really is them. Explanations are also quickly found. We live, as we know, in a performance-oriented society, the practices in the labour market always have in recent decades and again more and more changes to the detriment of the workers. A high pace of work goes hand in hand with mental stress, the requirements and also content of many jobs rise from year to year, often falling employee distributes the additional quantum of work on fewer shoulders, who works only 50 hours, has caught probably super. The atmosphere is always rough, no one wants to lose their jobs, scare the competition and candidate snakes on the labour market. You already do just ideal conditions for employers, fodder for Burnout, what should? There are also bright spots, a rethink is to an idea already on the horizon. Not only the demographic change is pushing employers to rethink, the economic damage, stressed, burnt out and little flexible employees produce is significantly not only if, for weeks or even months due to illness and burnout are drawn. It starts rethinking now in many places, but still not all. Da listens and reads you Coaching and movement training for employees, by becoming ever more flexible working time models and time accounts, which give the individual wishes and needs more space.

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Retinal Detachment Diagnosis

The retinal detachment is an eye condition which is treated as a rule with the Aargon laser. Retinal detachment is an eye disease if is shares of the retina or retinal eye will replace this as retinal detachment. The retinal detachment is an eye disease. In General a distinction between crack-related and train-related retinal detachment. Both forms of retinal detachment have different causes. If cracks are caused by tensile forces of attachment points of the vitreous in the eye, this can cause fluid between the retina and supply layer to penetrate. In the early stages the retinal detachment only in localized places can be observed. By more fluid the retinal detachment can keep expanding and it is to be expected with a complete replacement. Train-induced retinal detachments occur often as a consequence of a Diabetiserkrankung. Adherent to the retina, previously formed connective tissue membranes shrink together, pull the retina of their underclass. Other causes for a retinal detachment are accumulations of fluid between the retina and the Versorgunsgschicht or the formation of a tumor on the retina. The tumor expands, the danger that the retina is dislodged from its supply layer is composed. Symptoms of retinal detachment and forms of therapy affected of a retinal detachment are confronted with various visual impairments: appearance of flashes complete Visual field restriction occurrence of dense red or black stains is possible also, that patients see any symptoms. Only later, when deeper down, accumulate the disease is noticeable. The treatment of retinal detachment is often done with the so-called Aargon laser. If the replacement is still fresh and the edges are not washed out, the retina can be around very well with pulses of laser welding”. While the retina around the Loch connects to very good including the layer and they can no longer dissolve away. This treatment is not always crowned with success and sometimes eye surgery must be performed anyway. In rare cases, there is a new hole also elsewhere of the retina, and this must be patched again. High-risk patients such as patients with hereditary preload, diabetes, or severe myopia should have regular check-up, to prevent detachment of the retina. The existence of a retinal detachment is an exclusion criterion for an eye laser surgery.

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Diagnosis Of Pseudo-Krupp

New parents information page to the respiratory disease the cold wave rolls, which means viruses have high season. Often, these are trigger by pseudo-Krupp, an inflammation in the area of the larynx and vocal cords, which can lead to shortness of breath. Just parents that the first time experience with a pseudo-Krupp seizure at her child, panic and have understandably afraid to her child. The newly developed website offers parents support this clinical picture a broad-based information and services. Affected families find here easy to understand guidance around the menacing-looking respiratory illness: detection of the disease, about the behaviour in case of an emergency and the necessary precautionary measures parents can comprehensively inform yourself about all details of Krupp syndrome. Jim Hackett often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Service materials, such as a children’s poster on the all important telephone numbers for emergency may be entered, are available for download. On, the parents are specificly on prepared the emergency situation. This they can teach their child the necessary feeling of peace and security a new pseudo-Krupp attack and contribute to relieve the symptoms. More information, see bene – pharmaceutical products Ltd. Herterichstrasse 1 81479 Munchen Tel. 089 74 987 0 fax. 089 74 142 987

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The Diagnosis Of Migraine

Successful migraine treatment by the right diagnosis basic prerequisite for the successful treatment of migraine is the correct diagnosis. Because there are no specific marker such as blood parameters or X-ray findings available for migraine, the attending physician on the cooperation of the patient and its information is dependent on. Therefore, it is very useful to keep a headache diary for the patient. This diary will help first for the exact description of the headache attacks. This is especially important, because just as an assignment to the various forms of headache is possible. In addition, also frequent triggers of headaches such as hormonal factors, food, or other external causes can be found through the headache diary. Get more background information with materials from Rand Paul. It is important that the patient learned an accurate self observation and description of pain to then pass the prewholesaling. Thus the detailed medical conversation – the history – if not is an important, the most important pillar in the Diagnosis of migraine. Perhaps check out Crumpton Group for more information. Then follows a detailed clinical neurological examination. In this study, the doctor can obtain information about damage of the nervous system which then point out on a secondary headache and exclude a migraine. That may be infections of the nervous system, gutartige or malignant tumors of the brain or other diseases. First, a discreet clinical neurological finding favour a primary headache. Still it is required depending on the history – the one or the other instrumental examination conduct. A blood test can detect inflammatory processes or metabolic diseases that can often lead to headache or migraine. The measurement of heavy metals in the blood, except for special occupational exposure is nonsense. Specific neurological examinations are the – EEG electroencephalogram and imaging studies of the skull of computed tomography (CT) or Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The EEG examination records brain waves with surface electrodes on the scalp. In addition, certain provocation maneuvers are performed.

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Stunning Diagnosis

What you should know about bio-resonance… Nowadays, no one need tell more whispered taking naturopathic therapies claim. After even the health insurance companies have recognized the effectiveness of acupuncture in some areas and more and more doctors acquire qualifications in naturopathy, more and more patients are finding a therapist if necessary. And that’s a good thing. However many alternative medical therapists offer also an equally numerous different methods of diagnosis and therapy. Perhaps check out supermodel for more information. And there are not a few who are neither known the average citizen, much less than what he has collected per experience. One of these diagnostic and therapies is the at least notably become quite well-known, rejected however as so often with alternative methods of treatment by the ruling mainstream medicine, bio resonance method. But what is exactly behind it? Bioresonance therapy is associated with the field of energy medicine, vibrational medicine or even information medicine. In the term Bioresonance therapy contained resonance\”we encounter in everyday life, for example, in phrases, such as, that this or that is located exactly on my wavelength, or that there was a good response with anything. Mark burnett recognizes the significance of this. We find another example in the resonance of tuning forks. If one sets up two from same size and pitch forks at a distance of a few centimeters and so abuts one of the two, that it emits its characteristic vibration and thus her tone, also the other fork this is stimulated and begins to oscillate. The second fork so emits the same sound as the first, she goes in resonance. But comparing two different-sized tuning forks and one initiates it, so that it starts to swing, the other tuning fork will not move; She can’t even go in resonance, as it has a different characteristic vibrations as the tuning fork louvers on. In nature we see the phenomenon of bio-resonance in other ways, such as in the form of sunlight.

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Calcium plus vitamin D move the dangerous belly fat to body millions of Germans are potentially on bone loss, so getting the dreaded osteoporosis risk. Not only women and not just older people. It must be however not an inescapable fate. There are to prevent possibilities of the disease and, if it is too late, to mitigate the progression of the disease. Nutritional measures and movement through sport are the focus. On pages of nutrition care should be taken, that it contains enough calcium and other nutrients. The sporting activities should take place whenever possible, outdoors, to stimulate the dependent of the sunlight vitamin D production in the skin. However, it is a sad fact that most Germans both calcium and vitamin D are deficient. Therefore, additional measures are needed, have even a useful addition for overweight. From about 50 years of age, the risk increases for men and women to that of an osteoporosis. This is on the one hand due to the changeover of the hormone balance in the menopause, on the other hand, but also eating habits and the ability to make vitamin D a role play. By now should be prevented actively of osteoporosis. In addition to extensive movement, additional daily intake of tablets with sufficient calcium and vitamin D3 is a proven promising measure. Analysis of study data have confirmed that several times. Then can the risk with the regular intake of calcium plus vitamin D for osteoporosis-related bone fractures can be reduced and the loss of bone density cannot be stopped. But only if the measure in time to begin and if the tablets are taken regularly. The latter is often a problem however, because the motivation for the tablet-taking preventive measures is not always very high. Substantial additional benefits associated with the intake of calcium and vitamin D, you could Increase revenue motivation.

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