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You do not deserve it. You’re a great person. Again I apologize for what you did – told with voice sorry Ruth. -Already enough of that Ruth told Tati with energetic tone. Let us make a Covenant. Never again will we talk about. I agree? Neither of the two. He already spent. You were not already that day. Now didn’t you have your support. We can’t change anything now. Today these arrepentida and that is worth. Is that Sebastian is listening to you and I doubt the less that is happy for your change and that is sending you his forgiveness. -For agreement. Never again talk about – contesto le Ruth. Aora I think that we have to do what the doctor tells us and we leave. It will be the best for both. Can I stay with you during the day or while with it a hotel where can I stay or until do you have the results? We chat a bit and make us company. I don’t think that suits neither stay alone. Do you think-? -I think a great idea – Tati replied. Do not know what I want to have my parents around, but I dare not call them. In addition we are so far away that when they arrived here, probably will be the time to return, don’t you think-? -If – Ruth replied. No sense make them come. I don’t take much to give us the result of the DNA. Find me it funny to think that I have no idea how long it takes to do that test. It is that it is not my field of action and what he had never asked me-. -The results are normally within a week he said the doctor who although it has had a little aside to give them privacy, when they had begun a new conversation, listening to the topic raised.

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