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Hardening Newborn - February 26, 2018 by Jackie

Newborn baby from the early days of his life should be accustomed to the fresh air, as it stimulates the appetite and protects against various diseases, strengthens the body. Baby overheats very easily and also easily cooled, so it must be accustomed to the temperature fluctuations very carefully. Proceed to hardening newborn care. Hardening should start with air baths in the room where the temperature is 20-22 C. When swaddles baby – do not hurry, let him lie down a little naked, so he will gradually get used to air baths. Proper use of air baths are very useful and very safe for infants.

Winter air baths can do in the room, and in summer on the balcony or courtyard: leave a child 2-4 times a day to lie down naked for 3-4 minutes, then for 4-6 minutes, so gradually increasing the duration of an air bath to 30 minutes a day. Children whose body is weakened, take air baths as follows: Strip the body gradually, first the legs and arms, then his undress from the waist up, and so long as it does not remain completely naked. Learn more at: Tiffany Espensen . Also, children under one years old useful water procedure. By the same author: supermodel. From about the age of three months, start wiping baby wipes. But first needed to prepare the baby's skin. For a minute or two before the baby's body rubdowns pound dry flannel to light .

First wipe hands of the child, then his chest and belly, then back, buttocks and legs. Part of the body, which wetted immediately wipe dry with a towel to a light redness. The child, his body should be be at this time under a blanket (with the exception of the wipe). The water temperature at the first wiping procedures should be 34-36 C 6-7 days 31-33 C, then the water temperature must decrease by 1 C every month, bringing it to 30 C. Rubdown wire first after a morning of sleep about 5-7 minutes. Tempering is very helpful to all children without exception, but especially weak, it should cause the kid is good and happy mood, he should smile, but if he cries, and it is that is harassing, better consult a doctor immediately.

Color Association - October 13, 2016 by Jackie

Sufficiently important to have a baby's room "light duty" as a reading lamp or a sconce. The switch in the nursery is best placed at a height of 90 cm from the floor. In this case, the child can turn on and off the light itself. Read additional details here: Mark Fields. Of great importance to create coziness and comfort in the nursery has a choice of color solutions. When choosing colors should include not only conventional rules, but also individuality of the child, his temperament and attitude. Therefore, the selection of colors, as well as all other design work, best done with your specialist. Choosing a color for the nursery, it is necessary learn about the tastes of the color of his child, because they reflect his emotional needs. Color Association of Children tend to vary.

At younger ages (up to about 8 years old), they prefer open bright colors (Red, purple or pink). From 9 to 11 years prevail orange, yellow and green. After twelve favorite color, tend to become blue. In addition, when choosing a color scheme you can not ignore such factors such as orientation and illumination of the room, the color of furniture, as well as the overall color scheme at home. Colours child can be realized by two basic methods. The first is to combine similar in tone pale colors. The main surfaces (walls, ceiling, floor) – the lightest shade, and the furniture – a little darker.

The second method is based on the harmonious combination of contrasting colors. However, do not use too much contrast, avant-garde combination of which may have a negative impact on the immature mentality of the child. Most importantly, colors, regardless of the choice of solutions, created in the child a sense of comfort and warmth. Perfect field activities for an unlimited imagination of the designer can be a ceiling space. Ceiling of a child's room might look like the sky with moon – lighting and air can be littered with cumulus clouds. Here can fly kites or birds. All depends on your imagination and the individual needs of the child. In general, children's room, perhaps the most difficult, but at the same time, the most interesting from a design standpoint. In developing its design, it is better not to rely only on your own taste, and appeal to professionals with the best repair and construction firms. Because the interior nursery places an indelible imprint on all subsequent human life has an impact on the formation of character and personality development.

Kitchen Helpers - December 23, 2015 by Jackie

Herb scissors, oil spray, cooling bar or a degree more accurate water heater: Kitchen utensils you can never get enough. They are perfectly suitable as small attention. (tdx) When it comes to eating and drinking, large and small helpers are always welcome and much pleasure also those who have everything”. Who is looking for a gift idea or just wants to present itself, which will be at arshabitandi to determine the appropriate. For indoors and outdoors, big and small, from the small souvenir to the feudal wedding gift of DesignVersand offers the most diverse products. The herb scissors is known for a long time now and popular, matching there is a small herb garden, herbs keeps fresh absence itself for several days now. An integrated irrigation system makes it possible.

Water tank and herb pot are connected via a fiber optic wick. So water is ready always exactly then when the herbs need it. Also useful, and in addition “stylish eye-catcher on the dining room table: the dressing Shaker dressage”. Pour all ingredients, shake and then each guest can dispense the dressing perfectly even. (Similarly see: Cindy Crawford). “” Who it even finer “like, accesses the Tutto” pump sprayer back for oil and vinegar.

Taste and enjoyment is capitalized while, a drowning”lettuce is impossible. The perfect gift for the tea parties with the best friend is, however,”the bag sliding silo Lilli. The small bag is hung at the edge of the Cup and also the used tea bag filled with Amarettini, place in it. Included, more benefit on such a small space is not fun. Coffee and tea in the future succeed perfectly, there is another new feature in the DesignVersand arshabitandi: A Kettle, which precisely controls the temperature to the degree. The magic suitcase is then used, for the mixing of molecular cocktails to later hours. They have a jelly-like structure and can be enjoyed with a Happs the spoon down. Who likes it rather conventionally and his cocktails in the glass, may waive ice cubes in the future. The cool bar ice stick drop”cool each drink without watering it down. Put in the freezer for 10-15 minutes and it’s ready to use. A real feature ensures the right ambience at the table in the meantime an ice pack. Thaw”can conjure up an own ice candle again and again on the new. In a silicone mold, the ice is frozen and later forms a ring around the tea light. Due to its heat melts it during the evening there and results in interesting shapes and beautiful play of light. The design provides arshabitandi shipping all these useful and beautiful things and many more products from the areas of living and working on outdoor and wellness up to all sorts of gift ideas. Can be ordered simply via the online shop or the current catalog. This presents once a year all the news at arshabitandi ubersichtilich in image and text since 1996. Click here to go directly to the Online shop:. Tanja EST

Energy Efficient Natural Ponds - November 1, 2015 by Jackie

Energy-efficient, natural and economical nature plan, natural fashion, enjoy nature is the motto of the company of Sepp. They cultivated the harmonious coexistence of innovative, pflegearmer and energy-efficient technology, as well as natural flora. In plain language, energy efficiency means an energy consumption maximum 1.2-1.5 kilowatts per day – as little as a 50-watt bulb. The optimal water quality is due to the patented construction of the swimming pond system reached BELLvital. The performance spectrum of the Sepp company includes not only advice, planning and construction of swimming ponds and natural swimming pools, but also the service afterwards. Learn more at this site: Mark Fields. A pond is a special Habitat.

He periodically requires care and attention. In the scope of professional pond maintenance, the company does all accruing works, about the floor cleaning, the testing and maintenance and repair work of the pond technology, plant care, bringing care if necessary and a regular monitoring of the water quality in our own laboratory. A maintenance order for a Spring and autumn care ensures that the system for both seasons in top condition is. “The customer can and will literally take our motto”, confirms CEO Jurgen Sepp, the expert for swimming pools is “it is”Enjoy in the green.” Our company offers for this purpose 1002 opportunity to design with beautiful water. Also sound lively streams, romantic, dreamy fountain or lively fountains include around the nature pool.” Address Sepp GmbH BELLvital Jurgen Sepp Otto-Hahn-Strasse 6 89343 Jettingen-Scheppach + 49 (0) 8225 wellness 3093-20 press contact & media Phillip Wolter aft InStr 32 50678 Cologne 02214537373 description of the company the company of Sepp from the Bavarian Jettingen-Scheppach is known as the specialist for integrated sustainable and energy-efficient swimming ponds and natural pools with crystal clear water. From the first idea to the finished work, the company stands Sepp and the nationwide partner companies as a competent partner ready.

Martina Frenzel - September 23, 2015 by Jackie

Ever more realistic appears the artificial rocks, even in its details, the easier the guest of the illusion to be really in this nature is subject to. Luhan wanted to know more. The rock sauna in the ISHARA in Bielefeld, is a fine example of such a place of relaxation and recreation. Further details can be found at Gunnar Peterson, an internet resource. A more extraordinary Grotto is currently produced in a thermal spa in bad Zurzach in the Switzerland. Here, the company stone disguised illusion a great Hall under the Earth. So a unique saltwater pool, which is framed in a giant cave is created by spring 2013.

Still light and sound effects of the company be added liquid sound. The guest “is” in the middle of the Grotto in the water and can relax next to the impressive rock, through the music and light show completely. Regular events will follow in this bath and so more and more bathers offer the possibility to go for some time in a different dimension. We will report on the progress of the project. Stone illusion KG stone illusion offers new, dreamlike freedom through unique realistic natural stone replicas that have a low weight. Marc Mohit illusion developed a manufacturing technique that is unique for production of boulders and rock walls of stone. Therefore, the objects impress by their great stability at a surprisingly low weight – with a unique attention to detail in the appearance.

The quality that was achieved, reflected in particular in the natural sharpness, with the edges, cracks, offsets, and the many traces of millennia long-acting erosion are visible and palpable worked out. The same applies to the fine nuances of colour indicated for example the structure of the rock of layer of. Original stone surfaces the same objects of stone illusion therefore as capable, because it’s most accurate casts of actual stone surfaces.

Feng Shui For Children - November 5, 2014 by Jackie

In each house there are different kinds of energies, such as the energy of creativity, illness, romance, ships and plunder the wealth and destruction. With the help of Feng Shui knowledge, all these energies can be measured and accurately determined. Each person fit these or other types of energy depending on their abilities, character and occupation. The Art of Feng Shui master is that it is properly distribute the location of the bed owners home so that the sector, where they sleep, to bring them the maximum benefit would be to charge them during sleep health and positively affect their character traits. For example, if your child is weak and holds everything in itself, it can be put to sleep in such a sector at home, where after a while he confidently declared that he wants, but he did not like.

For the hyperactive child, you can also find the sector, whose energy will make it more gentle, calm and uravnoveshannym. For a child who is the creative kind, you can develop and strengthen its capacity due to him suitable for this place in the house for a bed, a desk or a corner for the game. There are various 'medicines' for the sector, dominated the energy of the disease. But for this it must first be identified with the aid of Feng Shui and moving the child into another room or rearrange the bed to another wall. Sometimes parents complain that children do not literally close your mouth – you call him, and he'll 10 in response.

Allergic Rhinitis - December 27, 2013 by Jackie

Changes in nasal breathing babies could be due to the so-called allergic rhinitis – a disease of the mucous tract nasal cavity, the foundation of which is an inflammation caused by allergen. It manifests itself severe nasal, copious mucus, sneezing and itching. Often there is a violation of smell, headache, irritation and redness of the eyes, tears flow. Previously, allergic rhinitis is not considered a terrible disease. However, the current health care pays serious attention to this issue – primarily because of the serious impact of this disease on quality of life baby.

Severity of allergic rhinitis is increasing and due to the rapid increase in its ubiquity in our world. Statistics show that on average, ten to twenty% of the population aged suffer from allergic rhinitis. Recently, an alarming increase in cases among children. There are several explanations. Firstly – air pollution, more industrialization, widespread use of antibiotics and vaccines, special nutrients, used in bakeries, poultry farms, in hairdressing, chemical industry, as well as the ubiquitous smoking.

Significant role in causing allergic rhinitis heredity: the presence of parental hay fever, atopic dermatitis and bronchial asthma. Allergic runny nose – it is an allergic systemic inflammatory disease, which is closely aligned with other allergic diseases, such as eczema, asthma bronchial, allergic gastroenteritis, and is due to the deterioration of immunity. Allergic disease is usually in a strict sequence. For example, developing food allergy in the first 2 years of life in the future may predict the development of the age of 5 years of allergic rhinitis (the risk is 45% – 50%) and asthma (43% – 67%, respectively).

Adult Supervision for Exercises - October 15, 2011 by Jackie

But do not forget that such exercises can be done only child under the close supervision of an adult. Climb something, he soon learns, but the climb down – much later. And if you are not sure that can always keep your child in sight, with sports complex can be postponed. Safer in this regard items such as slide and trampoline, although they require the presence of an adult. Assortment of plastic slides, which you can install directly into the apartment or summer cottage, very great. See only that it was not too high.

Ride the hills like almost all kids. In addition, it stimulates the development of skill balance, back muscles, form a quality as courage. A trampoline can also be put in an apartment if ceilings are high. On sale is a collapsible model when , you can unscrew the legs and slide the shell somewhere. Pleasure is the sea and not less good for of ligaments and tendons. Selection of toys for the two-year is very diverse. It is worth paying attention to the various toys.

Not be amiss to acquire the logical cube with holes, which need invest different geometric shapes, thematic framework-liners for the study of the concepts of "more" – "less", puzzles for the youngest (of 3 or 6 elements), lace, an assortment of which are very plentiful. Designers and Mosaic is already possible to choose and with finer detail. At the age of 2 years of each child (and girls and boys) have already come in handy doll, the most common, with large facial features with a kind smile.

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