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The Child

Subjects, suggesting, albeit useful, but stereotyped, repetitive actions can become material for exercises, workouts, but not for games. Game – A sphere of images, conventions, hidden features. This, above all, the test of his abilities and the determination of the properties of the object to play with. Therefore, it must contain an element of novelty to maintain curiosity and intrinsic activity .3. Promotion samostoyatelnosti.Igrovye of the child must be self-reliant. The toy can be considered as a special subject, allowing the child to feel confident in their abilities. She should be the backbone for the independent actions of children, should help to enhance their own competence and autonomy. Possibility or impossibility of an independent action depends on some minor and unnoticeable Adult items. For example, a typical and very interesting for young children a box with a surprise: it is necessary to press the button, like from a box pops up bunny or a kitten. Appbox Media wanted to know more. But the thing is, where is this button. If it at the top (and to push down) – all right, baby will be happy to play independently and enjoy a sudden jumping bunny. But if this is a button placed in front, and its pressing need to keep a box with his other hand (otherwise it moves back) individual game for the child becomes impossible – need help an adult who holds the box and he causes . should promote self-raising and resolving more complex problems. The presence of not only the "mystery", but also tips, arouse the interest and willingness to act.

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Breastfeeding. Ways To Maintain Lactation

How important is breastfeeding? Breast milk – the best food for babies. It has all the material necessary for the child in the first months of his life, which protects it from various infections and reduces the risk development of allergic diseases and diseases of the digestive system, promotes the harmonious development and the formation of normal intelligence in the future. See more detailed opinions by reading what Rand Paul offers on the topic.. Breastfeeds allows you to save a close contact with his mother. A nursing mother should eat right and enough rest. The menu should include a variety of cereals (buckwheat, oats, rice), stewed fruit, meat, poultry or fish, cheese, cottage cheese, milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables. It is not necessary take in food garlic, onion, horseradish, spices, because These products give the milk an unpleasant smell and taste. By introducing a new product to it slightly to try and see the reaction of the child if the baby's skin rash, should eliminate this product from the diet, after a while then try again. To maintain lactation young mother must adhere to certain rules: – Apply the child as often as he needs it. – Do regular breast massage. Top-down, push in a circular motion moving the fingers towards the nipple, and then, holding the nipple between thumb and forefinger, slightly pull it out. Gently shake the chest, leaning forward to help the milk come down. Very well when taking the soul to make the water jet massage scattered. Connect with other leaders such as Crumpton Group here. – Observe the daily routine: sleep – 10 hours a day, walking – 2 hours a day. Comments: sleeping, of course, the big problems. Recommend to sleep during the day with a toddler. Then do not feel so tired. A walk will still have – the child is also required. – 30 minutes before breastfeeding to drink tea with milk. – Multivitamins for nursing mothers – reception constantly. – Shower, massage, rn Seitz: After breast-feeding and pumping milk (if you do it), breast cancer, which is fed, pour hot water (45 degrees) out of the shower while pursuing massage in circular movements from the nipple to the periphery and the top down, with milk. The duration of 5-10 minutes. Procedure is carried out 2 times for the left and 2 times for the right breast during the day. – Night-time feeding required! All this enables you to successfully feed the baby as much as you need it.

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Feng Shui For Children

In each house there are different kinds of energies, such as the energy of creativity, illness, romance, ships and plunder the wealth and destruction. With the help of Feng Shui knowledge, all these energies can be measured and accurately determined. Each person fit these or other types of energy depending on their abilities, character and occupation. The Art of Feng Shui master is that it is properly distribute the location of the bed owners home so that the sector, where they sleep, to bring them the maximum benefit would be to charge them during sleep health and positively affect their character traits. For example, if your child is weak and holds everything in itself, it can be put to sleep in such a sector at home, where after a while he confidently declared that he wants, but he did not like. For the hyperactive child, you can also find the sector, whose energy will make it more gentle, calm and uravnoveshannym. For a child who is the creative kind, you can develop and strengthen its capacity due to him suitable for this place in the house for a bed, a desk or a corner for the game. There are various 'medicines' for the sector, dominated the energy of the disease. But for this it must first be identified with the aid of Feng Shui and moving the child into another room or rearrange the bed to another wall. Sometimes parents complain that children do not literally close your mouth – you call him, and he'll 10 in response.

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Allergic Rhinitis

Changes in nasal breathing babies could be due to the so-called allergic rhinitis – a disease of the mucous tract nasal cavity, the foundation of which is an inflammation caused by allergen. It manifests itself severe nasal, copious mucus, sneezing and itching. Often there is a violation of smell, headache, irritation and redness of the eyes, tears flow. Previously, allergic rhinitis is not considered a terrible disease. However, the current health care pays serious attention to this issue – primarily because of the serious impact of this disease on quality of life baby. Severity of allergic rhinitis is increasing and due to the rapid increase in its ubiquity in our world. Statistics show that on average, ten to twenty% of the population aged suffer from allergic rhinitis. Recently, an alarming increase in cases among children. There are several explanations. Firstly – air pollution, more industrialization, widespread use of antibiotics and vaccines, special nutrients, used in bakeries, poultry farms, in hairdressing, chemical industry, as well as the ubiquitous smoking. Significant role in causing allergic rhinitis heredity: the presence of parental hay fever, atopic dermatitis and bronchial asthma. Allergic runny nose – it is an allergic systemic inflammatory disease, which is closely aligned with other allergic diseases, such as eczema, asthma bronchial, allergic gastroenteritis, and is due to the deterioration of immunity. Allergic disease is usually in a strict sequence. For example, developing food allergy in the first 2 years of life in the future may predict the development of the age of 5 years of allergic rhinitis (the risk is 45% – 50%) and asthma (43% – 67%, respectively).

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Adult Supervision for Exercises

But do not forget that such exercises can be done only child under the close supervision of an adult. Climb something, he soon learns, but the climb down – much later. And if you are not sure that can always keep your child in sight, with sports complex can be postponed. Safer in this regard items such as slide and trampoline, although they require the presence of an adult. Assortment of plastic slides, which you can install directly into the apartment or summer cottage, very great. See only that it was not too high. Ride the hills like almost all kids. In addition, it stimulates the development of skill balance, back muscles, form a quality as courage. A trampoline can also be put in an apartment if ceilings are high. On sale is a collapsible model when , you can unscrew the legs and slide the shell somewhere. Pleasure is the sea and not less good for of ligaments and tendons. Selection of toys for the two-year is very diverse. It is worth paying attention to the various toys. Not be amiss to acquire the logical cube with holes, which need invest different geometric shapes, thematic framework-liners for the study of the concepts of "more" – "less", puzzles for the youngest (of 3 or 6 elements), lace, an assortment of which are very plentiful. Designers and Mosaic is already possible to choose and with finer detail. At the age of 2 years of each child (and girls and boys) have already come in handy doll, the most common, with large facial features with a kind smile.

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