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Hospital Information - March 8, 2018 by Jackie

The payments destined to health in all the government levels are registered in SIH (System of Hospital Information) and SIA (system of ambulatorial information) for the invoice calculated for the rendering of services. The public services of health alone could be expenses in benefit to the health of the citizen of universal, igualitria and gratuitous form, observing the lines of direction and principles of the SUS in the scope of each level of management, for what effective and in the promotion, protection, recovery and whitewashing of the health concurs directly. The expenditures that do not destine to the attendance of the user of the SUS are considered expenses with public health. The general objective of the financial management of the SUS is to guarantee the necessary resources for the attendance of the public health. the specific objectives are: to assure the health as right of the citizen and duty of the state; to promote the quality of life; to prevent risks and agravos to the health of the citizen; to enable the Human resources of the SUS; to consider the security of the levels of management of the SUS. METHODOLOGY the used methodology is based on a bibliographical revision that according to Gil (2002, p.45): ‘ ‘ it allows to the investigator the covering of a very ample gamma of phenomena of what that one that could search diretamente’ ‘. This research is of descriptive character that has as objective to describe characteristics of definitive situations or phenomena.

(Gil, 2002). The collection of data was given through research in sites of the Internet, articles and in the manual of financial management of the SUS elaborated for the Health department. In order to describe the real situation of the financial management of the SUS. FINAL CONSIDERAES Conclude that the Financial management of the SUS came to facilitate the financial transfer destined to the health of the population, tying each sphere of government so that the resources are pasts deep the deep one of regular and automatic form, considering an equality and improvement in the health of each citizen, thus contributing for the reduction of the agravos and risks that the human beings citizens are displayed, and also, diminishing the expenses with the public health. Brazil REFERENCES. Health department – SUS.

Barreto State - July 29, 2012 by Jackie

Only, if it became possible the knowledge of its distribution in the domestic territory when, almost half century later, Pellon & Teixeira (1950) had carried through first the great coproscpico inquiry of the country, having evidenced the existence of esquistossomose mansnica in 612 of the 877 localities searched in the Northeast region and the State of Minas Gerais. Esquistossomose mansnica in the State of the Bahia presents heterogeneous standard of space distribution, evidencing especificidades in its dynamics of transmission in the diverse spaces that constitute the bahian territory. This heterogeneidade is not exclusive attribute of the current period, but the northeast region has been expressed in previous stages of the historical process of construction of the bahian space is one of the endemic regions of Brazil. The basic conditions for the introduction of esquistossomose in the Northeast region occurred of the use of the hand of enslaved workmanship in the canavieira farming where the culture if developed in areas with great arrives in port hdrico, and associate to the precarious conditions of life and the probable existence of the caramujos of the transmissoras species of the S. mansoni (Barreto, 1982) In the inquiry carried through for Pellon & Teixeira (1950), the prevalence of esquistossomose was esteem in 10% of the population of the studied endemic area in the country. The results of this inquiry evidence greaters prevalences for the states of Alagoas, Sergipe, Pernambuco and Bahia. In the State of the Bahia, in study based on secondary data of four decades, Barreto and cols7 they had found average prevalence of 15,6% in the year of 1950 and of 9,5% in 1994 e, according to same authors, the urbanization and the migration are associates to this variation of the prevalence, also indicating entailing enters the process of the population dynamics and the dissemination of the illness in the diverse spaces that constitute the bahian territory.

United States - July 29, 2012 by Jackie

It estresse it is a situation lived daily and in level raised for great part of the workers, especially the ones that work with people (BORGES, et al., 2002). The syndrome of the professional hard work or syndrome of Burnout is a type of estresse of the work that can be observed in all the professions, mainly in that they involve high levels of estresse, as controlling of air traffic, firemen and, particularly, professionals of the area of the health (TUCUNDUVA, et al., 2006). This happens why professional that acts in direct contact with other people, when this is classified as aid (professional of the health, professors) (MARTINEZ, 1997) normally they have little free time for leisure and vacation and great intensity of emotional interactions. Studies made in the United States and of America indicate that the syndrome of Burnout is one of the great current psicossociais problems, being of interest of many areas of the current society. Its incidence possesss individual consequncias as in such a way organizacionais, since the individual that suffers, also have the health and the performance affected . This study it has the objective to revise the knowledge produced regarding this modern pathology in professionals who act in the area of the health.

The professional who works in the improvement of the quality of life of the population needs that its body and has lain always in optimum is been possible so that she can attend the ones that need cares. Methodology For the accomplishment of this study a bibliographical revision on the syndrome of burnout through the electronic databases BIREME was made, LILACS, MEDLINE and SCIELO. The terms used for the research had been: syndrome of burnout, professional hard work, estresse and health of the worker. They had been enclosed in the research articles that dated of 1997 the 2007.

Federal Advice - July 17, 2012 by Jackie

Ahead of the displayed one, to perceive that the ethics are difficult of being lived deeply, being spread and divulged in the practical one, a time that many values are involved in this context, such as cultural, social and religious values that come of meeting to the character of the individual. Moreover, other difficulties are perceived when some professionals of nursing do not demonstrate to prioritize the principles of ethics of the biotica, also the envolvement of people is observed who are to the front of the Advice of the nursing profession. They have excited calamitous damages to the category in the national scope and regional e, many times, pass unobserved, making to believe that they are representative with transparent ethical behavior and inside of the standards of social normality 8. Professional ethics are a part of moral science. It does not limit if the norms, but it looks the humanizao of the organized work, that is, looks for to place it service of the human being, its promotion and its social purpose.

It is task still of the professional ethics, to detect the factors that in one determined society, the professional activity empties mentally ill becoming it. It is also task of the professional ethics to carry through one criticizes questionadora that has for purpose to save human being 9. IT IS ALSO TASK OF THE PROFESSIONAL ETHICS TO DETECT THE FACTORS THAT IN ONE DETERMINED SOCIETY, THE PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY EMPTIES MENTALLY ILL BECOMING IT. In a hospital it is public or private that &#039 gives public service where; ' assistenciais nurses work with insufficient sizing to take care of demanda' ' , the following factors had been detected! 1 DETECTED FACTOR Auxiliary or technician of nursing with nurse heading exerting function of assisting or technician of nursing and receiving inferior wage to the wage from the nurse. 2 DETECTED FACTOR the Systematization of the Assistance of Enfermagem (SAE) was normatizada by the Federal Advice of Enfermagem (COFEN) in all the institutions of health since year 2000 in Brazil and until total it is today not executed, justifications: increase in the demand, lack of human resources and lacks of adequate assistencial model.

Organization Weight - July 3, 2012 by Jackie

The IMC are a simple method of if to measure the corporal fat, was developed in Belgium for the statistician and antropometrista, Adolphe Qutelet, equation is calculated dividing the weight of the individual in kilos for the square of its height in meters (: IMC = kg/m2); (WIKIPDIA, 2010). The difference of an individual obeso and a fat person is referring to the calculation of the IMC, after the calculation is used a table (other detailed tables exist more), the World-wide Organization of Health uses the following table of ideal weight for the IMC: SituaoIMC in adults below of the weight idealabaixo of 18,5 in the weight idealentre 18,5 and 25 above of 30 the 30 weight idealentre 25 and obesoacima of Source: World-wide organization of Health In individuals with muscular hipertrofia, this calculation is not efficient, therefore the same ones iram to get one IMC high one, of this form, must be taken in consideration to the adiposa fat, using a more minute evaluation. The mrbida, called obesidade exists ' ' mrbida' ' , therefore it brings I obtain patologias associates who obeso can come to present, occurs when the IMC exceed 40, meaning that the weight excess became a risk the health, confusing even in the locomotion, varying of the case. The mrbida obesidade presents the appearance of diabetes, arterial hipertenso, cardiac insufficience, apnea of sleep, impotence in the men, infertility in the women and air lack lesser year effort. The same one can present social problems (irregularity in the work, loss of job, difficulty to carry through simple tasks, to walk of bus and until if moving in house) and psychological (affective and sexual difficulties, feeling of isolation, discrimination and frustration in relation to clothes). The cause of the mrbida obesidade is associates to eating in excess, fast excessively, lack of exercises, genetic predisposition and psychological factors.

The Transplant - June 30, 2012 by Jackie

Anorexy and loss of weight are usual. The fever can be the initial symptom. The discrete esplenomegalia or the hepatomegalia is gifts in 30% of the cases. The linfonodomegalias are rare, except in the monoctica variant. The leucemic cells can infiltrate all the agencies, generally without consequent disfuno. Great accumulations of mieloblastos (sarcomas granulcitos) can be developed eventually in any fabric. Monoblastos frequent infiltrates weaveeed, with local signals and symptoms, as leukemia skin.

I almost always diagnosis Laboratoriais (LMA) Anemia and trombocitopenia gifts. Counting of leukocytes < 5.000/uL in the half of the patients and neutrfilos hipercalcemia and the hipofosfatemia can be gifts. Treatment (LMA) Between 50% and 80% of the people who suffer from acute leukemia mielide answers to the treatment. Between 20% and 40% of the people they do not reveal any signal of the illness after 5 years of treatment. The transplant of ssea marrow increases the probability of success for 40% 50%. The people with more than 50 years that contract acute leukemia mielide after receiving chemotherapy and radiation as treatment from other illnesses are the ones that present the worse prognostic.

The treatment is guided to obtain precocious remission (destruction of all the leucmicas cells). However, the acute leukemia mielide answers to little medicines of what other types of leukemia and, moreover, the treatment costuma to get worse the state of the sick person before starting to provide some improvement to it. The sick people get worse because the treatment suppresses the activity of ssea marrow e, therefore, scrumble the white globule number (particularly granulcitos), what she increases infection probabilities. The staff of the hospital redoubles the cares with the sick person in order to prevent infections and in the case of these if to reveal manage antibiotic immediately. Also it can be necessary to effect transfusions of red globules and plaquetas. The first step of the chemotherapy generally includes citarabina during 7 days and daunorubicina during 3 days.

TratamentoAps - June 28, 2012 by Jackie

Figure 4. Spots in the body Figure 5. Tests of sensitivity Figure 6. Palpao of nervosFonte: . TratamentoAps the diagnosis of hansenase the treatment is initiated and has as objective to prevent the transmission and to prevent the evolution most serious of the illness and to take the cure of the patient. The treatment is gratuitous available in Unit of Reference in all the country and is managed by saw its effectiveness verbal depends that the treatment is carried through completely (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2001). At the beginning of years 1980 the therapeutical project of the poliquimioterapia was conceived (PQT) is one coquetel of two or three drugs (Rifampicina, Dapsona and Clofazimina), that it acts hindering the growth and micobacteriano development and are used in the standardized projects for OMS and MS (RAFAEL, 2009; HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2002). The multibacillary classification of the sick person in paucibacilares is recommended for all the cases of hansenase in accordance with or (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2002) the patients with PB are dealt with two medicines the Rifampicina a monthly dose to 600mg (2 capsules of 300mg) and the Dapsona (100mg) monthly dose and a daily dose to the Dapsona (100mg) with duration to the treatment and 6 months and under medical supervision regularly (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2002).

The patients with MB are dealt with three medicines the Rifampicina a monthly dose to 600mg (2 capsules of 300mg) the Clofazimina a dose to 300mg (3 capsules of 100mg) and a daily dose to 50mg and the Dapsona a monthly dose to 100mg and a daily dose with duration to the treatment to 12 months and under medical supervision regularly (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2002; SANGI et al., 2009). According to Health department (2008), the infantile dose varies depending on the age, but the medicines and the duration of the treatment are equal, under medical supervision regularly. Therapeutical project of Poliquimioterapia (PQT), according to World-wide Organization of Health (OMS) .

Recovery - June 8, 2012 by Jackie

Being explicit that the strategies implanted in the sector had improved the communication and the comfort of the patient, having exceeded the care, providing fast recovery and reduction of the interned time. Moreover, we visualize that any change in the routine of a UTI requires modification in making of the technician in nursing. The humanizao strategies had changed the routine of the UTI, having required modification in making of the technician in nursing. They had been to mago of the involved citizens and it promoted or it demanded transformations to them in the being through the interrelacionamento with the other. Taking them it the meeting of the difficulties and assisting in the overcoming in search of the health of the individual and family.

Daniela Silva - May 17, 2012 by Jackie

The individual level must excuse to medicines supplying necessary information the fulfilment of the treatment, use if of the farmacoteraputico pursuing for detention of problems related with medicines and guide and aconselhamento in the medicine use of free sales. CONSEQUENCES OF MEDICINE USE NO-RACIONAL According to ANVISA have if as consequences of the not rational medicine use the progression of the pathology, iatrogenia, increase of the incidence of adverse effect for inadequate use of doses, ways, intervals of administration and/or time of treatment, increase of time of treatment, increase of the costs, not adhesion of the patient to the treatment and, therefore, therapeutical failure, medicamentosas interactions, limited effectiveness, resistance the antibiotics, farmcaodependncia and risk of infection. MEASURES TO PROMOTE the RATIONAL MEDICINE USE Amongst the measures to promote the medicine use rational are: The limitation of the medicine advertising, therefore the same ones stimulate the lapsing irrational, give emphasis to the benefits, without presenting the risks and stimulate to the self-medication. To stimulate the essential medicine use, whose which, are those that serve to take care of to the necessities of assistance to the health of the majority of the population, this must be available at any point, in the adequate amounts and the pharmaceutical forms that are required. Aiming at to promote the medicine use rational Brazil implemented some strategies as the implantation of National Medicine Politics, creation of Agency National of Sanitary Monitoring, generic Medicine Politics, clinical creation of the RENAME (2000 and 2002), protocols and therapeutical lines of direction, update of Good Practical of Manufacture in pharmaceutical and farmacoqumicas industries, regulation of the advertising and propaganda of medicines, national, regional and institucional Medicine chamber for the control of prices, courses on Education for the Rational Medicine Use (2002-2005).

Oath Medicine - May 17, 2012 by Jackie

According to Rath et al (2003), the Glucantime is especially efficient in the treatment of cutaneous, mucocutnea and visceral Leishmaniose. The medicine provokes fast regression of the clinical and hematolgicas manifestations of the illness, as well as provokes the sterilization of the parasite (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 1998). In Brazil, the medicine to the antimony base is used as first choice in the therapeutical one of leishmaniose, its formularization is constituted of antimony salt pentavalente of glucamina N-metil, is a frmaco capable to produce serious effect collateral, however is very efficient in the treatment of the cutaneous, mucocutnea Leishmaniose and visceral Leishmaniose. Its administration is endovenosa (AMATO, 2006). The medicine industry, little has contributed for the medicine development new for the treatment of the Leishmaniose, but in Brazil the used drug more in this type of treatment is the Glucantime (OAK, 2001).

The results are presented to follow in the form of folloied graphs and of the respective quarrel. Sex of the inhabitants of Oath, who had answered to the questionnaire. Source: Research of field carried through for the academics of 3 period of Pharmacy of the FIPMoc in the city of Oath 1 semester of 2010. The data of GRAF. 01 demonstrate that 56% of the interviewed ones that they had answered to the questionnaire they were of the masculine sex and 44% of the feminine sex.

In accordance with Botelho and Christmas (2009), Calculating the coefficient of incidence as sex are possible to observe that the risk of adoecer for Leishmaniose is bigger in the masculine sex. GRAPH 02 – Age of the people interviewed in Oath.

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