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Dog Food

Foods for dogs and their training. When we bring a cachorrito to house we have the temptation to treat like a human being to him, and we cannot never forget that they are animal and who there is to educate them like animal, without meaning this that we did not prune to want and to give them them great amounts of affection. If we did not train them from puppies we can create, without wanting, a tyrannous mascot that one becomes the master of the house. Lunch time and the foods are basic in the training process. On the one hand it is the routine and the discipline that is had to them to impose at the time of eating. One of the first rules of coexistence that are had to impose the animal is that there is to always eat after his owners, respecting therefore the hierarchy of the home. They must learn that the humans are the owners and who they are subordinated. They must follow a strict routine with respect to the meals and it is not necessary to give them to eat they request when it. Only when the owners have eaten and gathered. So that they are healthy and strong it is necessary that they take foods for animal from quality. On the other part, the food as prize is one of the bases of the training processes. In order to award to the dogs by their good behavior special treats for mascots exist. Treats for humans, since they are detrimental, even toxic are not due to give, for their health. It is possible also to be awarded to them with small pieces of food that to them they also like. But never food is due to give them when the owners are eating, since they are accustomed, nor pieces of bones, that are dangerous for them and they are possible to be choked or to be damaged the digestive system.

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