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Validity Days

Finished the 30 days of Blockade (perfaz a total of 60 days Without Credits) the Lender he will disactivate the telephonic line, that is, He will make unusable Definitively ' ' CHIP' ' of the User. However, taking in consideration it the sales in the market with Stated period of Validity of 180 days exist of Credits, lose are not justified it definitive of ' ' Chip' ' bought for the User, to the times with sacrifice, but only, Without Use per 60 days; what it is desired is a Stated period of Bigger Blockade (just), that it has not taken it to a so fast total loss. Since, in the opinion of the Competent Authority, corroborating together the companies, becoming Indefinite the Stated period of the Credits paid for the Consumer would take the Operator the bankruptcy. Practical other that nobody perceives the gravity or ' ' he is not a' ' it is the Sales of a Well Bigger Amount of Credits supplied in R$ (for a reason or purpose promotion) for a Value propositadamente very lesser Pay in Current Currency, for example, vende R$50 OF CREDITS for the value of R$ 10 IN CURRENCY. In the truth, is as if the Operator ' ' a money note of R$50&#039 placed the sales; ' accepted the User to only pay for it R$10. However, this practical it is an indicative of that it has something missed e, is at least shameful Brazilian we. Why our Competent Authorities do not finish of a time for all with this business of the Sales of CREDITS IN R$, passing in definitive, as are more just, to only authorize the Sales of CREDITS IN MINUTES? Another question is of (nor in such a way accomplished) the Raising of the blockade of Cellular. Many people had standed out: ' ' Now, she does not have more problem, all will use the Chip of the Operator who to desire in its Daily pay; ' This for imagining that, with the Obligatoriness of the Gratuitous Raising of the blockade of Cellular, the situation was decided.

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