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The Radish - October 17, 2013 by Jackie

It is very rich in digestible carbohydrates, which facilitates digestion, water retention, helps control constipation (one of the main causes of hemorrhoids). Its juice also soothes the digestive and excretory system and also relieves hemorrhoids. It is diuretic, i.e. increase the production of urine, radish juice also cures inflammation and burning urination sensation. Also clean the kidneys and inhibits the kidney and the urinary system. Therefore, it helps cure urinary problems.

Vitamin C, phosphorus, zinc and some members of the vitamin B complex, which are present in radish, are good for the skin. The water helps to keep the skin moist, raw radish is a very good cleaning product and serves as a very effective face Pack. Due to its properties disinfectants, horseradish also helps to cure diseases of the skin, such as rashes, dryness, fissures, etc has anti itching and can be used as an effective treatment for insect bites, Stings from bees, wasps, Hornets, etc. The juice also reduces pain and inflammation and relieves the affected area. It reduces the temperature of the body and alleviates inflammation due to fever. Radish juice is a good disinfectant, but also fight against infections that cause fever, what helps heal. The radish is a congestive anti or relieve the congestion of the respiratory system, including the nose, throat and lungs due to the cold, infections, allergies and other causes. It is a good disinfectant and is also rich in vitamins, which protect the respiratory system infections that cause bronchitis and asthma. In addition to the above benefits, the radish is a good appetizer, freshens the mouth and help in breathing, it is laxative, regulates metabolism, improves blood circulation, it is a good treatment for pain, heartburn, constipation, nausea, obesity, sore throat, cough, stomach problems, gallstones, dyspepsia.

Holly Hayden - July 4, 2013 by Jackie

Very often people who manage to cure or minimize its external hemorrhoids have problems with their internal hemorrhoids. The problem is completely natural, we know that it is more difficult to reach than internal hemorrhoids to external. This is the truth heal their internal hemorrhoid is drastically similar to cure their external hemorrhoids. It is something like, let’s say that your external hemorrhoid has shrunk with any solution that has been used, can take exactly the same solution and put it in a dropper, can get it very cheap at any pharmacy. Now carefully insert the dropper and put something topical solution into the internal hemorrhoid.

It’s that Simple! The only thing of what should make is first solve its problem of external hemorrhoids before shrinking the internal, otherwise would aggravate the problem with the external hemorrhoid until it healed, only create a worse situation. The second element that we could combine here is to change your diet and thus create the right atmosphere so hemorrhoids do not take place, this includes fibers and many liquids at a very rudimentary level. Another thing is be aware of many conventional solutions that simply fail to not offer a root solution to the problem of hemorrhoids, is why that even some doctors recommendations may not work well for some people. Discover the system 100% Natural never before seen that has provided relief for hundreds of people who suffered with his hemorrhoids, presented by doctors and numerous health authorities. Forget surgery, creams, pills and laser that never solve the root problem.

Map Triggers - April 21, 2012 by Jackie

Triggers – are certain places (the so-called 'points') on various maps by clicking on whom (or through) who, after a specified time on the map will be a certain sound (it can be all over the map, and in its separate parts). In general, triggers are used by experienced players to confuse opponents, especially when they were in the majority. But beginners do not know about the triggers, and this is often a give and receive a bullet in the head and then wonder, 'where he knew I was there'? Consider the example card de_train in kc. So, the first flip-flop refers to any open stairway plantations (map center). Once a player rises or climbs down the ladder, he thereby activates a trigger that will work in four seconds, and the entire map will be the sound of aircraft. This is the most useful of all the existing trigger, since the delay between the activation of the trigger and the emergence of sound card only four seconds, and, secondly, the sound goes all over the map, it can be heard everywhere. That is, you can learn the location of the enemy, even while on the other end of the map.

Thus, do you know where to wait for an attack. At the same time, you can confuse the enemy, for example, to make such a maneuver as a pseudo-activation of the trigger a little to climb the ladder, and then immediately jump off and wait for the enemy will move in the direction of this point to Head set:), being fully confident that you are there and not looking carefully at the sides. This can be used to take him by surprise, and putting himself Head, thereby disrupting the enemy's plans are tricky. Minus trigger – works only once every three minutes … The second trigger is called Pop-Dog. It is activated within three seconds after someone get through at any wagon with the words Pop-Dog. These cars have both the center of the map (open Plant), and internal (open) Plante.

Published sound barking dog. A delay of three seconds, a very useful trigger. Running every 90 seconds. Last on the list on this map, the third trigger. The trigger occurs when movement of players in the alley next to the green ('brilliant green', leads from the T spawn to the open Plant, located in the corner of the map, near the spawn of T). The delay is only one (!) Second – it is very small, working trigger every 90 seconds. This trigger extremely useful, since the very beginning of round CT can learn from some of the front to wait for the attack of T. On the other hand, T, in turn, can use this trigger for divorce CT – that is, activate it, and quickly escape from the green thereby buying time and gaining some advantage. Now you know why you need all these, as it seemed before – unwanted sounds in kc. And you probably noticed that the sound is not only to train, but on mapah de_cbble, de_aztec, and others. I tell them about a the next review. Watch for new articles on rusarticles.com!

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