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Environmental Research

To know as the others they perceive the way where they live can give-nosrespostas for many questions. Each individual differently perceives, reacts and answers saes on the environment where it lives. The dadecorrentes answers or manifestations are resulted of the perceptions (individual and collective), cognitivos dosprocessos, judgments and expectations of each person. In such a way, this work searched to evaluate and to trace a diagnosis of the ambientalterica and practical perception of the employees of the Frum Appeals court judge Jose Alfredo Snows dRocha, located in the city of Itapetinga-BA, which will be able to serve, later, for the elaboration of a proposal of intervention in this sector, similar to propagate the change of ambient attitudes in the work environment, to poissaber as the individuals with who we will go to work see the environment in quevivem, its sources of satisfaction and insatisfao is of basic importance, therefore only thus, knowing to each one, will be possible the one accomplishment trabalhocom local bases, leaving of the reality of the white public. Here they are some found dosresultados in the study. The public sector chosen for the development of pesquisaa end to diagnosis the perception ambient of the employees, was the Frumlocalizado in the city of Itapetinga-BA. The city of Itapetinga estsituado in the southwestern region of the Bahia, to a distance of 580 km of the deSalvador city and counts on a population of, approximately, 63,177 inhabitants (IBGE, 2004). To the dimension and relevance research was opted in using the qualitative-descritivada boarding since this, according to Bogdan and Biklem (1994), involves the attainment dedados described gotten of the direct contact of the researcher with the situaoestudada one. For the collection of data a questionnaire was used as instrument. Through the questionnaires one searched to know the dosfuncionrios position and attitudes of frum and to verify through this the possibility of changes deatitudes in benefit to the way environment in the work environment, as well as, later, the elaboration of projects with intervention perspectives to apartir of an ambient education not-deed of division with sensitization proposals.

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Planet Pollution

It is on the basis of this recommendation and in the principles already presented here, that visits and excursions must be carried through the similar Areas of Ambient Protection or entities, as pupils of the infantile education to superior education, as main subject or as part of projects interdisciplinares. Visits to the lixo, horto botanical, the springs of a river the museums, to the station of water treatment, to an ecologically correct residence; tracks in conserved bushes and stroll for the city; excursions the state and national parks are examples of activities that can be developed. These moments of visitation and experience must be folloied of a previous work of collection, presentation and quarrel of information, and be permeados by activities involving the different contents. 2.OS NATURAL RESOURCES AND the ENVIRONMENT Where WE LIVE Nothing that we make use in the Nature is indestructible or inexaurvel, nor the ground that we use nor the water that we drink, nor air that we breathe; all suffer to constants threats from severe contaminations that can give end this precious ' ' resources naturais' ' , and the assignment given to the elements of the Nature, in reference to the beings livings creature, existing basically, three categories: natural resources you renewed (animal and vegetal), natural resources not-you renewed (ground, minerals, fsseis,) and resources free (air, water, solar light, among others more abundant resources). We consider ' ' livres' ' because these resources, exactly threatened for the galopante pollution, always existed in abundance in the Planet. 3. Air You already stopped to think about the quality of the air that breathes, and that its deterioration will be able to mean in terms of life possibility? The increasing pollution of air has caused, mainly, in a considerable increase of the respiratory problems in the population of many communities of a industrial centers and its roundnesses.

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Health Change

The World-wide Organization of the Health – OMS (1996) defines quality of life as the individual perceptions on its position of life in the context of the systems of culture and values where they live, and in relation to its goals, expectations, standards and concerns. It is an including concept, that incorporates of a complex form, the physical health, the psychological state, the social level of dependence, relations, the personal beliefs and the relationship with characteristics that if detach in the environment Therefore it is well clearly that the quality of life of a population influences sufficiently in the type of vision of the society, of as the people start to act in this way, that is, its actions directly are related to its social and cultural context. For FORATTINI (1991), quality of life, its essence, if translates then, for the satisfaction in living. In accordance with this author, ‘ ‘ the state of satisfaction or insatisfao constitue in the truth, experience of personal character and is on to the intention of attainment of better conditions of life. The degree of adjustment to the existing situations, or then, the desire of change, will be able to serve to evaluate the presence or absence of satisfao’ ‘. The man only searchs to satisfy its necessities and ahead of this he does not have concern with its action, if they are positive or negative on the way, thus reflecting in an ambient crisis, with the degradation them environmental resources. Ahead of this problematic one it is that if it makes necessary a critical analysis to search a set of solutions that can change the forms to think and to act around this ambient question. According to Leff (2001) apud Jacobi (2003), speaks on the impossibility of increasing and complex resolveros ambient problems and to revert its causes semque occurs a radical change in the knowledge systems, of the values and doscomportamentos generated for the dynamics of existing rationality, established in the aspectoeconmico of the development.

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