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OMS Diagnosis

This upheaval also is known as autstica psicopatia or upheaval esquizide of infancy. Although the upheaval or syndrome of Asperger to have some differences in relation to the autismo, its symptoms, for times, if is similar this, therefore one of the main ones is the difficulty of social interaction, searchs for the isolation and look ' ' perdido' ' , beyond these, it presents lack of empatia, very literal interpretation of the language, difficulty with changes, perseverao in estereotipados behaviors. However, this can be conciliated with normal or high cognitivo development. In way to the great names or personalities of the History that possuam strong traces of the syndrome of Asperger, we can cite the physicists: Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, the Mozart composer, the philosophers Scrates and Wittgenstein, the naturalist Charles Darwin, renascentista painter Michelangelo, cineastas Stanley Kubrick and Andy Warhol and the chess player/xadrezista Bobby Fischer. The diagnosis of the SA is complex in virtue of that exactly through the use of some instruments of evaluation a clinical examination does not exist detects that it. The diagnosis criteria can be evaluated under the CID-10 of the OMS, of Szatmari, of Gillberg and Critrio de Descoberta de Attwood & Gray. However, it has still great controversy of SA is a distinct and separate upheaval or if it is equivalent to the Autismo of high functionality, or same to other conditions (as the personality upheaval esquizide). Still we have that to consider that the diagnosis of the SA in adult individuals is a difficult and inexact task, a time that adult individuals with SA or AAF already had learned of rational form to mask its social errors. When distracted they demonstrate the SA symptoms, but if concentrated in a specific social interaction, as the relationship with the psychoanalyst at the moment of the test, can behave of pparently normal form.

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Talking To Your Boss

* If you think you deserve a raise, ask for it as soon as possible, no delay or waiting for your employer to offer it. * Determine what they are worth in the market by conducting a survey of persons in comparable positions. Never base your case on the need for more money. * Be realistic in your assessment of what you are worth and what your employer would be willing or able to pay. An exact figure in mind before entering negotiations. Avoid comparisons. For more information see celebrity trainer. Never compare your salary to someone else. * Remember that bosses want employees who contribute to business success by: increasing sales, profits and efficiency, reduction of waste, cost and time, improving corporate image, customer relations and competitive advantage. * Conduct a detailed analysis of their job description. Being as objective as possible, identifying specific ways in which the company has benefited from their skills, qualifications, work and experience. * Anticipate difficult questions, by identifying weaknesses in your case and preparing positive answers. * If you have a record of recent evaluations of the study carefully highlighting your achievements and indicating how they have addressed any shortcomings. * Know what standards your employer uses to evaluate results and adjust their delivery. * Prepare clear and concise documentation of the relevant facts and figures of salaries, and details the ways in which you are contributing to the company. * Be aware of the importance of negotiating skills: listen carefully to what your boss is saying, and be not of confrontation, to avoid an ultimatum, and, if necessary, be prepared to compromise. * Rehearse your performance with a valued friend who is willing to ask searching questions, criticize its delivery, and will provide constructive feedback. * If circumstances beyond their control, your employer does not feel at this time to give up pay, thank him or her to listen and ask that their salaries be reviewed within three months. * Remember that you will have to work with your boss in the future, so leave the meeting on good terms, and NEVER hit the door behind you.

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Cardiovascular Diseases

Frequency ripple Schumann 7.8 Hz, as I have said, according to calculations of Western specialists began to increase from 90 years. Let me remind you that over the last 10-15 years reported doctors from different countries, the number of nerve, mental and cardio – vascular diseases around the world increased from 30 to 40%. As long as human society will respect universal moral and ethical values or programs embodied in our Creator, the vital organs of the human body will be in resonance with the side frequencies or radiations of the earth, as it was laid from the very beginning of human life on Earth, and then physical health of human society should be at the highest level. In this case, both parties will work on the same wavelength and to be in resonance, or as we say, human society will be in harmony with the environment. Only if these two factors can be a full and intelligent life on Earth with high levels of health, social protection of population of the Earth from the economic crisis and political shocks. Under such circumstances, I think that human society on earth could come the Golden Age, wrote about Nostradamus. The theory of mutual communication and harmony of the spiritual and the physical condition of the human Geophysical Society and the state of the Earth based on the frequency of the resonance frequency shows how through the Earth can sustain the impact of the rhythm of life of all living things and fauna, including human life. .

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College Lobato Hunter

Theyson Viana Santana 1 SUMMARY Practical the regular one of systemize physical activities can contribute to the related physical aptitude to the health of the children in special pertaining to school age and flexibility. The present study it had as objective to mensurar and to evaluate the level of flexibility of children in the school, more necessarily in the College Lobato Hunter, therefore the literature is scarce that presents the amplitude of movements to articulate of children. The sample was constituted of 35 pupils, having been 19 girls and 16 boys understanding the age of 9 the 11 pertaining years and 3 series of the basic education of the cited school. For the collection of data the test was used to seat and to reach of Wells and Dillon (1952) modified, and as instrument one flexmetro, that it consists of a wooden bank graduated cube form. The results of the flexibility tests had presented resulted similar in the ages of 9 and 11 years, but with a statistical significant decrease (p < 0.05) enter the ages of 9 and 11 years. These results are in accordance with suggested for the AAHPERD (1984), when quotation you prop up that them of flexibility diminishes gradually from the 5 years of age, reaching the lowest point of the 10 to the 14 years.

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* Teacher of the Municipal Net of Education of the City of Helm, Permitted in Pedagogia and Ps-Graduada in Psicopedagogia for the University Center Anhanguera. Speaking candidly Cindy Crawford told us the story. For if constituting of an illness of the central nervous system, evolving for a significant loss of the capacity in all the aspects of the life human being, (it speaks, communication, motricidade, emotional, social, etc.) this illness it has tormented great part of the population above of the 65 years, therefore the current medicine treats and acquires knowledge the population about problems of the physical health. Currently the population in general has demonstrated to be worried about the excess of weight, greasy foods, physical exercises for prevention of gluts of myocardium, with the effect of the alcohol, cigarette and drugs in general. Mascomo to live more and better? This is the question inlaid in research as displayed in the Globe the Reporter almost in all to the fridays. With the increase of the life expectancy of the world-wide population, this illness has grown excessively. In accordance with Druzio Varella, the beginning of the illness if characterizes for: Initially the work memory is compromised, memory of short duration that allows in them to exert the daily routine. The patients forget where the keys of the car had left, the wallet, the check coupon stub, the known name of one. With the time, the wide person the tasks for the half, forgets what she was to make in the room, she leaves the lighted stove, she opens the shower and she leaves the bathroom, loses itself in the way in return for house. Characteristically, these ' ' esquecimentos' ' if they aggravate when the patient is obliged to execute a task more than at the same time. The loss of memory is gradual and obeys a secular gradient, according to which the incapacity to remember recent facts, contrasts with the easiness stops to remember the past.

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