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College Lobato Hunter - February 5, 2015 by Jackie

Theyson Viana Santana 1 SUMMARY Practical the regular one of systemize physical activities can contribute to the related physical aptitude to the health of the children in special pertaining to school age and flexibility. The present study it had as objective to mensurar and to evaluate the level of flexibility of children in the school, more necessarily in the College Lobato Hunter, therefore the literature is scarce that presents the amplitude of movements to articulate of children. The sample was constituted of 35 pupils, having been 19 girls and 16 boys understanding the age of 9 the 11 pertaining years and 3 series of the basic education of the cited school.

For the collection of data the test was used to seat and to reach of Wells and Dillon (1952) modified, and as instrument one flexmetro, that it consists of a wooden bank graduated cube form. The results of the flexibility tests had presented resulted similar in the ages of 9 and 11 years, but with a statistical significant decrease (p < 0.05) enter the ages of 9 and 11 years. These results are in accordance with suggested for the AAHPERD (1984), when quotation you prop up that them of flexibility diminishes gradually from the 5 years of age, reaching the lowest point of the 10 to the 14 years.

Psicopedagogia - February 4, 2015 by Jackie

* Teacher of the Municipal Net of Education of the City of Helm, Permitted in Pedagogia and Ps-Graduada in Psicopedagogia for the University Center Anhanguera. Speaking candidly Cindy Crawford told us the story. For if constituting of an illness of the central nervous system, evolving for a significant loss of the capacity in all the aspects of the life human being, (it speaks, communication, motricidade, emotional, social, etc.) this illness it has tormented great part of the population above of the 65 years, therefore the current medicine treats and acquires knowledge the population about problems of the physical health. Currently the population in general has demonstrated to be worried about the excess of weight, greasy foods, physical exercises for prevention of gluts of myocardium, with the effect of the alcohol, cigarette and drugs in general. Mascomo to live more and better? This is the question inlaid in research as displayed in the Globe the Reporter almost in all to the fridays. With the increase of the life expectancy of the world-wide population, this illness has grown excessively. In accordance with Druzio Varella, the beginning of the illness if characterizes for: Initially the work memory is compromised, memory of short duration that allows in them to exert the daily routine. The patients forget where the keys of the car had left, the wallet, the check coupon stub, the known name of one.

With the time, the wide person the tasks for the half, forgets what she was to make in the room, she leaves the lighted stove, she opens the shower and she leaves the bathroom, loses itself in the way in return for house. Characteristically, these ' ' esquecimentos' ' if they aggravate when the patient is obliged to execute a task more than at the same time. The loss of memory is gradual and obeys a secular gradient, according to which the incapacity to remember recent facts, contrasts with the easiness stops to remember the past.

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