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Against the small calories sins of everyday life, only one thing helps: movement! The calories mentor gives you concrete tips, with which activities the calories to burn again. Eaten a pizza? Please run 120 minutes! During the day, ate a quick pizza, on the way home even at McDonald s past and in the evening a panel during the day a quick pizza eaten, on the way home even at McDonald s past and in the evening a panel chocolate verdruckt and before you know it, taken en masse extra calories to. The calories mentor helps to make up for the calories sins and gives advice, with which activities the calories can be burned again. Often, it is the consumers aren’t aware what food he takes what amount of calories to. That is particularly serious if the desire to lose weight, but the awareness of exactly these calorie traps is absent. The calories-mentor of the diet clique is to create this awareness. Calories come together quickly This free tool lists Fast Food and some sweets, which are often eaten, and lists the calories ingested with the food. The user can now calculate, with which activity he can once again burn those calories and how much time he would need. Burn calories with calories mentor so it comes that a person weighing 70kg 120 minutes must jog, to burn the calories, which has absorbed by a large and very well-sourced pizza. To burn a whole bar of chocolate, the same person should be less than 60 minutes of jumping rope. The calories mentor aims to raise awareness of healthy eating and perhaps the one or the other tip of the programme is an incentive for the user to come back more in motion. The provider of calories mentor: A free community diet clique that is diet clique around diet, slimming and healthy nutrition. Members can take advantage of the platform to put stages targets or online diet and Food diaries to lead. Certified dietician writing expert blogs and give valuable tips and information on the topics, which deal with the visitors of the diet clique. Diet clique / Tobias Kirsch Otto-Braun-Strasse 77 10405 Berlin email: clique AT diet clique DOT de

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