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Shop - March 18, 2012 by Jackie

As experts before such a smart enough – often ask clients beauty "Beauty Shop, admiring the effect of closing? Very simple: they assumed that if cover each hair from natural breathable film cellulose (a substance similar to zucchini juice or juice from the stem of a dandelion), then the hair to breathe and get all the nutrients from shampoos (delivered in the middle of the hair by means of nano-particles), but did not undergo environmental influences such as sun, dust, seawater, waste water with minerals, salts, high temperatures (hair dryer, irons, curling irons), the loss of moisture, etc. – At all geniuses simply! What makes this possible, how the composition? Pigments, negatively charged under the laws of physics are attracted to the "+" charged hair. PH-reduced conditions serve as a catalyst of the process. RRT (integral protein), a necessary ingredient in the hair, gives flexibility and shine to hair, protects hair from damage. Cellulose film to prevent leaching of the paint.

What you experience here, and how to behave like your hair The first shell "solders" bumps and roughness of the hair, especially pronounced in the injured, and over-dried hair split ends, and its smooth surface will acquire an amazing shine. Second, every hair "thickening" of at least 10% due to additional layer, respectively, and the volume of your hair grows the same amount. Thirdly, the hair gets tremendous flexibility that facilitates stacking without any styling tools. Not surprisingly, we have mentioned juice of dandelion stalks – after all, get it out of natural rubber.

Nail Extensions - January 28, 2012 by Jackie

Woman's hands can say about it very much! It is not an open secret that the arms along with the figure of a woman and her eyes – one of the first places that pay attention to men. Probably not any of us do not like the groomed hands – it speaks against the woman herself and for her appearance. It is quite another to see beautiful and well maintained with neat handles and attractive nails, whether it's normal hygienic manicure with nails covered clear varnish or a light jacket, and can be elegant or festive evening nails, graft in an expensive salon. I would like to see that beautiful nails – it's the first thing that attracts attention when it touches the hands of women, and only then gaze presents fingers, hands and your skin. Let's talk more about nail enhancements.

Nails often build up with acrylic or gel, there is also a method of capacity on the basis of fabric coverings, but it is in our country for less than the most common. What are the differences of gel nails acrylic nails? By and large, to the end consumer, so to speak, there are no, no, the difference with what materials to produce the desired result. But a few years ago the question was what to choose more acute. There were many pros and cons, such as acrylic when it singles out a particular breed smell that is not only not very pleasant, but often cause an allergic reaction, but today there is probably no more than one manufacturer, which does not produce its series of acrylic and odorless.

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