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Our long-term analysis of the set companies from different industries, shows that as these criteria can suggest the following. 1. The presence of the company organizing the pipeline company must have a strategy under which it is built organizational structure, which is staffed appropriately their job. There are well-established working procedures, which, if necessary, make changes in company strategy, and strategy changes cause corresponding changes in organizational structure, which doukomplektovyvaetsya staff. And so on. 2. The presence of a motivational assembly line The company has an established system to motivate staff to achieve company goals. Each employee of the company knows "where are we going and why am I doing this" at any given time. If you change the goals, motivation changes accordingly. 3. The presence in the company's pipeline replacement personnel in the company is constantly working conveyor replacement of staff in an amount that provides the satisfaction of any company's needs: from recruitment of young employees through training and promotion through the ranks to the highest posts. There is a system for the formation of personnel reserve not only for managers but also for key personnel. The presence of all three pipeline shows that the HR manager to perform its tasks. But in order to understand how well it does its job, it is necessary to analyze the operating parameters these pipelines: how rapidly changing organizational structure after a change in strategy as time passes, before vacancies are filled by staff as candidates for each key position system provides a personnel reserve, etc. And of course any costs incurred by the company had to ensure that these indicators? Who known companies you have all three of the conveyor in action? In some companies there agreement between management and the personnel manager that, on what grounds will be assessed by his work, and these symptoms are somehow defined and used to determine the remuneration of the manager? Let us sum up our thinking. What will happen if – in front of the manager staff do not pose the problem and not to hold him responsible for the formation of the team motivated to achieve the goals of the company – not to provide the manager on staff responsibilities and resources required to perform this task – not to assess the outcomes and effectiveness of the personnel manager for the pre-established objective criteria? And is that happening now – HR managers simply do not perform their duties in full.

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