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3pleP Development Group Sums Up The Year 2009: - February 7, 2017 by Jackie

Again strong growth thanks to wiko – more sales, more employees and many new customers of Freiburg im Breisgau, December 15, 2009 – which has 3pleP development GmbH 2009 its strong growth in all business areas can continue together with wiko Bausoftware GmbH subsidiary resulting from the previous apse AnwenderZentrum. Sales grew with increased, the team on 25 employees 35 percent. With approximately 650 customers and over 28,000 users dropped off to wiko as standard for controlling in medium and large engineering companies as well as public building administrations of the competitors clearly”, Managing Director Rainer Trendelenburg of the outstanding market position forward. Over 150 customers could be won in this year for the current wiko-controlling solutions alone. For the first time this year under the sole responsibility of wiko Bausoftware GmbH at the Grontmij group, one of the leading planning and engineering firms fully integrated one in Germany with headquarters in Bremen, Germany, was Business solution for over 600 employees under inclusion of the wiko-industry solution and the AGRESSO – accounting introduced.

Obermeyer planning and consulting. Munich, was introduced to SAP wiko parallel on about 900 jobs. Managing Director Elko Kuyper overcomes challenges in the past year: When developing, all the complete revision of all surfaces and the introduction of a new report generator in the Center were this year for us. “Was also the integration to Outlook-appointment and task management, significantly expanded the collaboration functions as well as the documentation and archiving of project-related E-mail traffic.” “As regards the future of the technological development of products, know Rainer Trendelenburg: A return on sales of 25 percent and a promotion of the Federal Ministry of Economics ensure fully the continued funding of new technology projects from its own resources.” Already in the first quarter of 2010 is a software solution for the construction cost controlling in WIKO integrated? On this background the wiko Bausoftware GmbH is positioned continue as a reliable and efficient partner for economic planning and economic construction. And also for 2010 an above-average growth is expected again, with already more than 50 percent of the budgeted annual turnover could be contractually assured. Through the close collaboration with the amanit Unternehmensberatung GmbH, also experienced consultants to support all wiko-customers in questions are corporate governance, organization, project management, controlling and accounting available. Profile of wiko Bausoftware GmbH the wiko Bausoftware GmbH emerged 2009 development GmbH and the apse AnwenderZentrum GmbH from the construction area of 3pleP. Wiko’s experts have more than 24 years of experience in the field of business management software for the construction industry. Overall, more than 650 clients and over 28,000 users trust products of wiko Bausoftware GmbH, including large offices like Bilfinger Berger and Grontmij A & T today GmbH, public building administrations such as LBB Rhineland-Palatinate land operation or the construction administration of Saxony-Anhalt and central planning offices, such as, for example, the Kovacic engineers from Sigmaringen or the bsi engineering company in Dresden. Press contact: wiko Bausoftware GmbH wife Nicole Koppe marketing and communication at the preacher 1 79098 Freiburg phone: +49(0)761 137 88 0 fax: +49(0)761 137 88 29 mailto:

Fireplaces Without Chimney Are Sure - October 24, 2015 by Jackie

An ethanol fireplace can be easily integrated into the existing space concept Oberburen: 01.03.2013: the winter shows us just once more, that snow and freezing temperatures are this time of year just. The critical views on the heating meters can be every day, and rising prices for electricity and gas, since quite hit one on the mind. But there is a solution, how to without much effort in his home may get a warmth and in even more savings. The answer is, without fireplace, fireplace. A bioethanol fireplace brings not only heat in her home, but spread a cosy and pleasantly comforting feeling that no longer want to give it to me”, ursi Kumin, Managing Director of the fireplace without fireplace GmbH promises. An ethanol fireplace can be integrated easily into the existing space concept. Without costly modifications or the installation of a chimney can at any time raised fireplaces bioethanol and put into operation.

As a bio-ethanol Fireplace requires no trigger, he is completely independent from the site and can be placed in the living room, as well as in the outdoor area. In contrast to a conventional fireplace with wood burner, a fireplace without fire made virtually no effort. This begins with the classic Variant with the obtaining of a permit for the use of a fireplace and continues with the elaborate chimney in the House. Through the fixed pipe for the flue, it is bound to a place in the room and can not freely choose the favorite spot for a perfect wellness experience. About all of this you must not worry with a fireplace without fire. In addition, you need neither firewood, still you must discard the annoying ash in the wake of the fire. As it enters the room neither smoke nor to fine dust, you must not worry that a bio-ethanol fireplace is harmful for the respiratory system.

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