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It was definitely a good day. I want to tell you about a taxi to the city of . Click Rand Paul to learn more. Sam taxi use is extremely rare, but the addition of the circumstances he worked in the taxi. I think my article will be of interest as the use of taxis, but very interested in wanting to go to work in the taxi park, as the main pros and cons I will be considered in terms of the driver and not the client))). (A valuable related resource: celebrity trainer). The taxi came to work three years ago, began just “bomb” putting his sword on roof on the way home from university. Then decided to try to work at the office If you want to know how it was please read here. And in this article will review our taxis to date (post-crisis situations changed very much), since he worked in four with many drivers and I think I can tell you something. I myself have them fall into three categories – leadership – a lot of cars, great drivers have a plan, acceptable the number of orders in the office machines are divided into the vip class, first class, second class, a lot of advertising and so on. The second category – average parks – less than one hundred cars, even some fifty, advertising on occasion (such as money enough), orders are not enough parks are kept afloat (the majority of these parks at one time received a very good profit). The third category – – the machines.

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