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Coast Reason - February 6, 2015 by Jackie

However, in relation to the studied years the monitoring epidemiologist has shown its effectiveness in the control of leishmaniose in the city. Word-key: Leishmaniose to tegumentar American, Flebotomneo, Epidemiologia. 1. Leishmanioses INTRODUCTION is antropozoonoses considered great problems of public health for presenting an important complex of illnesses, that possess high clinical specters and diversity epidemiologist. According to World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS), is esteem that 350 million people meet displayed to the risk, where approximately two million new cases appears to each year (Manual of Monitoring of the Leishmaniose American Tegumentar, 2007). The description of Leishmaniose American Tegumentar (LTA), date since the antiquity, in first century d. C., in Central Asia.

The injuries found in the sick people were nominated in accordance with region where if they found, for this reason the illness possesss some denominations (Lainson, 1997, cited for Magalhes, 2001). The name of the illness if of the one in homage to the Leishman researcher, that discovered the parasite in 1908. Some researchers since then come if pledging in the search to discover forms to brighten up the reverse speed-emergency of the LTA and the reason of the urbanization of the same one (Medeiros, 1999). For Coast (1998), the first reference in Brazil on the LTA is deduced through a done story of the trip of Frei Don Hipolyto Sanchez Rangel de Farias and Queiros, where it described in a book the mosquitos and its consequences for the human beings, calling it of leprosy. In recent years, the increase of the incidence of leishmaniose to tegumentar all in Brazil, gave in function of the ample diffusion of endemic diseases for all territory, becoming a problem of public health in our country. The LTA still is presented in the forms: cutaneous, mucous and cutaneous diffuse. These not treated manifestations if in time, can take the death of the acometido individual (Ashford 2000, Gontijo and Carvalho 2003, MS 2007 cited by Almeida, 2009).

Environment - February 5, 2015 by Jackie

When inquiring on the legislation of sonorous pollution the answers of the interviewed ones are contradictory, therefore while it affirms to know what it is sonorous pollution majority 97% does not know no legislation regarding sonorous pollution, only 3% knows the legislation. Law 9,605/98, deals with the Law of ambient crimes, became possible the framing of the sonorous pollution as ambient crime. Article 54 – To cause pollution of any nature in levels such that result or can result in damages the health human being, or that they provoke the loss of life of animals or significant destruction of the flora. Penalty: reclusion of one the four years and fine If the crime is guilty: Penalty-detention of six to one year and fine. Relative problems to the levels of noises are enclosed between the citizens to the control of the ambient pollution, whose normatizao and establishment of compatible standards with the balanced and necessary environment the healthy quality of life, is attributed to the CONAMA (National Advice of the Environment). The identification between sound and noise is made through the use of units of measurement of the level of rudo.com this, defines, also, the acceptable and unacceptable standards of emission, creating themselves and allowing verification it of the bordering point with rudo.o level of express sonorous intensity habitually in decibels (dB) and is refined with the use of a called device decibelimetro. When inquiring on the use and use of the earphone, the quisito familiar income did not intervene with result, therefore 85% of the interviewed ones possesss some device of digital music hardwired to the earphone and only 15% do not possess or it does not use earphone. When inquiring on the volume the earphone, we evidence that only 10% use the minimum phone by vol., 15% in turn uses by vol. average and 33% use by vol. high and surprising 43% of the interviewed ones use the maximum phone by vol.

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