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Miguel Dominguez

Selling Informational eBooks on eBay can be very rewarding financially. However, many people have tried to take advantage of this, selling other e-book or some other free eBooks getting into trouble. Many people are of the opinion that the electronic books should be made available free of charge, which has given rise to difficulties in the sale of electronic books, however, this can be overcome with ease. Copyright issues associated with e-books have also been a Centre for debate and scandal, as a result whereof, eBay has taken some bold and relevant measures, and modified its VERO (verified rights owner), with a stricter policy. A copy of this can be found in rather than get into all the gibberish of getting an e-book trying to circumvent the policy of eBay VERO, you should and is much easier to create your own information product e-book. What can bring you a better reward for the following reasons: 1. your e-book only for a particular niche 2. You can only have 3 required information. It can be edited and adapted to measure 4. Non-infringement of copyright 5. No competition there is (probably) to create demand for your e-book on eBay, the easiest way would be that of a package with other small physical as a paper book or DVD product. You can achieve this by making a printed version of the e-book and link it to a presentable folder. The next step would be to take a digital photograph of the cover of the e-book printed, along with the DVD and use it as photo gallery purchase auction page. Please include information in the sales page which you can download the complete package if so required. Another technique would be the turn your book into an audio CD. This would increase sales because digital audio editions are sold as a package. These techniques are rarely used by sellers of eBooks on eBay and are very powerful. Used for best results. In the beginning, This may seem complicated, but actually it is very easy to do, once you have it clear.

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