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Generous in terms of decorative Rococo definitely affected and on business cards. Louis xiv ruled France strenuously to squander the money the state on a variety of entertainment and luxuries, as well as rapidly accustomed to the same certainly flexible Versailles court (and there and all the high society as a whole, to know Venice, Florence and other countries). Regarding the cards, with custom 'Visite Biletes' so liked the Sun King, that the ritual of mutual gift business card, the settlement at the legislative level, has a complicated system of rules. "Card users" were originally the size of a simple playing card do not exceed the palm of your hand. In essence, game maps and were their parents, when visitors were doing on their notes, but in the end played a decidedly different role. When a guest visits, great servants passed the card to take home through their lackeys, so that they know how to declare a profit. At the beginning of such cards, even a universal leaves small marks or appropriations bills and receipts fugitive. In any case, but in the spirit of the era, business cards, represents only a representative function and their purpose was to demonstrate the situation of the parties, often symbolizing a more tangible position than benevolence or diplomatic intentions. Perhaps it is both directly and made the cards such a vital sign of representatives attribute the high society of that time, becoming an important accessory for them to kind of wig and turned them into real works of art. Sophisticated, pointedly puffy making cards came to the fact that they were made not only of the most expensive types of paper iplastinok ivory and even fabric, glass! Calligraphy in ornamental investigations reached the point that the monograms and gestures can take on the card is almost all the space, leaving nothing to other information. But more important was to put an ornate family crest. * Meanwhile, in the not so distant England throughout the county will soon shattered the custom to distribute so-called "trading cards" (English Tradecards) – specific cards stores.

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