Ghosts returning. Children’s monsters that you never leave. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo still remembers the stories as a boy told her his mother. They were family, very disturbing secrets that are kept at the time, that spoke of great-grandparents and great grandfathers. Some were very dark and stimulate the child’s imagination that Canary that yesterday, at 43 years, opened the official section of the 59th Edition of the San Sebastian Film Festival with Intruders, his third feature film, a distressing and mysterious trip to the strength of the past that was received with some warmth between the press and with applause in the pass of the public. Starring Clive Owen and Pilar Lopez de Ayala, Intruders takes place in two spaces, England and Spain, two families, and two languages. Fresnadillo goes to show that the fears of the past with us always.

They are inherited, ensures, just arrived from Toronto, where his festival has received the film with great anticipation. From grandparents to parents. That fact seemed to me always a fascinating scenario because It also has to do with the tradition of fiction and fabulation. Source of the news:: “terror is an emotion that helps to survive”

Author: Jackie