Southern Bug

Began our tour of the Southern Bug with the fact that we do not have a map relying on Sasha, and on which we drove Bozyu and assured that he knows the roads like the five fingers, and passed as a result of the planned starting point of a Haivoron and landed in Ladyzhin. Since none of us does not hurry, Sasha was on vacation, but we messed around with Dennis, we all decided it was better. Prior to Ladyzhin Gysin we still got a map to Gaivoronsky reservoir, again seen that before his sailing days 3 and moved to the start. Collected cat, said goodbye to us a ride BEAUZEIL, sat down and swam. River near Ladyzhin beauty.

Bug is not wide, the banks were covered with abundant and vegetation across the river were very many animals. The most prominent is its number of herons. They flew on one in front of us and gradually moved our flying rate. Shortly before the catamaran was flying with two dozen birds. Like pterodaktelyam they silently waved its wings and flew ahead. Just a fascinating spectacle. The river was flowing smoothly in the meantime, carrying us forward. Here and there came across the islands, which are interconnected perekatikov chains.

The water meter was viewed by three deep, that is, to the bottom. Here and there plunk down a fish. We sailed for the most part silently, occasionally admiring gives us beauty. Sasha snapped fotikom incessantly. In some places it was shallow enough for kata, and then had to push and sometimes reach out through the rocks. But mostly, the weather was more or less, sometimes slightly pokapyval rain, but quickly stopped. Floated almost relaxed, slightly moving his oars. So sailed Gubnik and began the night just below Chetvertinovki. Parking lot was a local tyrlo, t e grazing cows. With all vytekayuschimi.No climb back into the water do not wish to was no. Few poobsuzhdali where to pitch a tent, in the end put on a knoll in the middle of the clearing. Not far from us was a memorable mark on Cossack themes. Among us were two people having a direct relationship to history, but both kept silent on these developments. We walked a little further in search of the surrounding context, did not find it, cooked dinner and fell asleep. Two hours with the rain. Lightning flashed …. if anyone interested can read here

Author: Jackie