Snack Export

As additional services, in addition to distribution, when it comes to doptovarah, Snack exports to its partners provide consulting services to promote, on the Ukrainian market analysts, together determine the marketing activities optimizes the cost of promotion, selecting only those activities that are most effective. In 2007, as distributors, in addition to our snack brands, Snack Export plans to operate no less than five different product groups: we see as opportunities for collaboration market tea, confectionery market, and several other categories of goods FMCG, which is currently too early to tell. These are our plans, but Basically, we are ready to consider proposals for cooperation with any manufacturer (whose product meets our criteria), which is ready for a serious seizure of the Ukrainian market. As a manufacturer of snack Export on the market long enough (very “old” to our brand, “Kozatska rozvage” – for 7 years!). As a distributor, we started to work only in Dnepropetrovsk in 2003. But during that time the company Snack Export was opened on 28 branches and podfilialov throughout Ukraine, and without false modesty, we can say that we have one of the largest distribution networks in Ukraine. The uniqueness of this network, as already mentioned, is that Snack Export operates in several other countries where the same quality standards in the distribution that we observed. Ways of distribution in Ukraine now that the manufacturing company has opened its own distribution, then Naturally, the question becomes more urgent – how to make it maximally profitable direction. Here only one way – distribution will work actively to profit only when the director of the company will actively engage foreign brands, the company will provide logistics services on the side. And if one is a proper distribution was considered a support function of sales, then this phase distribution is becoming full-fledged business area. Ukrainian distributor is to build high-quality logistics, which is not yet available. Logistics – a concept quite capacious, here can be attributed not only transport available to the distributor, here also includes the service and software, and routing and timing, and even how and what to wear drivers. Such logistics – a very cumbersome and complex set, which would require a fairly high staff qualification level (as an option – trained in the work of Western-style companies), which, so far, still very lacking. Ukrainian logistics service call yet. It is still far from optimization of the cost of gasoline, transportation, personnel. Ideal logistics companies in our market will, I think 5-10 years. As for coverage, the Ukraine has no logistics companies, which would cover the whole territory and would have branch in each region. It is really difficult, except that a few operators in the market distribution services to consolidate their logistics structure and create a corporation. Today the trend is that distribution companies, not to go to the dogs, just have to grow into logistics companies (provide logistics services exclusively – storage, transport, etc.). In principle, after a while leaving in pure logistics – the fate of all distribution companies. Since logistics is built on the west, so will we. The second option for further growth and development of distribution companies – to open their production and enter the a new level.

Author: Jackie