Show The Beauty Of Your Face With A Healthy Smile

The smile of a woman has a charm and is an important factor that brings light to the face. For a healthy smile, easily achieved by following a daily routine based on the following: balanced diet through the consumption of the five essential elements: grains, dairy, meat, fish and fruit. Minimum consumption of sugar, especially when there is a tendency to diabetes. Avoid sugary drinks, especially sodas. Oral hygiene: Daily brushing of the teeth must be 100% effective to prevent formation of bacteria and bad breath. Tooth sensitivity: When cause hypersensitivity in the teeth, because of the lack of enamel on the roots, apart from a visit to the dentist, brushing teeth should let through a pasta, made specifically to counter this problem. Dry mouth caused by the consumption of some medicines, which must be avoided or reduced through the consumption of at least eight glasses of water daily. a The lesions in the mouth should be given the importance for all inflammation of the gums or sores on any part of the person mouth caused by health problems to be checked in time, before causing an oral infection severe. Visit the dentist regularly, which must be at least every six months. In these two annual visits, the dentist must make a teeth cleaning and screened for the presence of cavities and other dental problems.Take special precautions when they are using drugs, some of which affect the condition of the teeth.Older people who use dentures, should also be careful cleaning them, to prevent inflammation of the gums, bad breath and see your dentist to education for the Latino community: articles on health, personal development and advice, latest immigration laws, financial information, healthy recipes, sports, movie reviews, cultural calendar, classes and community events.

Author: Jackie